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We are a group of Parkinson's Disease Patients and our Caregivers seeking to connect the Parkinson's community in Southern Nevada through organizing fun meetups and activities in aesthetic, social, enjoyable environments. Let us try to be there for one another and be able to share the what and wherefores that are going on within ourselves, be a shoulder or lend an ear for another in need. Please if you might have any suggestions, it is certainly welcome. I have made this an open group so that you may all give your opinion and give insight. I look forward to being a more active Meetup group starting this year of 2018. Let us start sharing experiences with one another, let us start a meeting group where we can speak freely about the daily happenings we each face and what has perhaps helped or not.. I look forward to your input and I Thank each and everyone of you for hanging in there and being a part of our group. I am available for any questions or suggestions! I look forward to making our Meetup Group so much more..

Marilyn Maas,


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