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Come join us build a strong network of R users and data scientists here in Las Vegas!

Are you interested in R (the programming language), and do you live in Las Vegas? Awesome.

It doesn't matter if you don't know a lick about programming or databases and want to become a "coder" or if you have years of experience in R or in other languages. This is the group for you!

R is an incredible open-source programming language highly applicable in data science; it is known to have a "steep" learning curve, and that's only true if we don't come together. For the beginner, several half hours of introduction with R experts can dramatically enhance your successful introduction into not just coding with R, but as well in other languages used for additional endeavors in general. For our experts, it is an opportunity to grow your network, give back to your community, and and receive feedback from your community on lessons you've learned and would like to share. Together, we can inspire further each other to make our own difference and we can help each other build confidence in R and coding in Las Vegas!

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