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What if…

What if…you could use your spirituality

• to create and maintain health relationships

• to realize your goals, dreams, and aspirations

• to make positive differences in the lives of those you come in contact with

Not to be confused with religion, which can be divisive, spirituality is defined as that which comes from within…our inner core self – beyond our programmed beliefs and beyond our conditioned patterns of behavior. Spirituality is the source that influences us to behave with passion, understanding, empathy, humility, compassion, and love, even when we don’t want to.

We spend much of our lives working to develop ourselves mentally (i.e. education). Some of us spend a great deal of time working to develop ourselves physically (i.e. exercise, diet), but how much dedicated time do we spend working to develop our spiritual faculties?

If you are interested in learning about how to develop spiritually, without the dogma of religion, please consider coming to our initial meeting. There you will learn about the concepts and theories of spirituality that will be used as framework for this meetup.

As a professor who conducts research on this topic and as a 25-year practitioner in applying the concepts and theories of spirituality, I’m excited about the possibilities of this endeavor!

Dr. Anthony Gatling

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