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Welcome to the grass roots, people-powered, community calendar of events for the Tantra Community in Las Vegas!

There are several important differences between this and most other Meetups. The most important difference is that ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS CAN CREATE AND ANNOUNCE MEETUP EVENTS - completely without organizer approval.

That's right. You heard me right.

EVERY SINGLE COMMUNITY MEMBER can post ANY EVENT you like on the new Community Calendar - any time you want - without any organizer approval whatsoever - And you can even announce it yourself immediately the entire community without approval as well.

Here is - step by step - how to create a grass roots Meetup event the Community Calendar:

1. Join the Community.
2. Go to the 'Let's Meetup and...' prompt to suggest and add Meetups on the Meetup Group's home page
3. Members may add Meetups by filling out the 'Let's Meetup and...' form
4. Meetups added by members are turned into official Meetups immediately.
5. Member-added Meetups with a date selected will appear on the Calendar
6. Member-added Meetups without a date selected will appear only on the 'Upcoming' Meetups list on the Meetup Group's home page
7. The member who adds the Meetup may choose to announce the Meetup to the Meetup Group's members imnediately and completely without organizer approval.

Finally, the community mailing list is completely unmoderated so that ALL community members can reach the entire community! All you have to do is send a message to the mailing list and it will reach the entire community - without needing any moderator approval.

These are powerful community building tools. Please use them responsibly.

This is our community. Let's nurture and care for it.

Upcoming events (1)

Saturday Cuddle Party

Shangri-La on Hollywood

Cuddle at our new location on the east side of town.... What is a Cuddle Party? Cuddle Party is first and foremost a communications workshop. It is a place to learn about saying NO, to honor your own boundaries and the boundaries of others. It is a safe place to explore affection and touch in a safe, healthy, non-sexual setting. Using the rules of Cuddle Party as a structure, we will explore boundaries in a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing environment. People who have experienced this event find it surprisingly easy to open up and share, communicate needs and say no. Many say yes! Feel free to come and just watch. This is YOUR day to participate as you want. No ... Maybe ... Yes! How good are yours? Are you the one always giving to others and don't do much for yourself? How well do you ask for what you need? Do you find it difficult to say no? Do you often say maybe, but really want to say no? Are you saying yes to everyone else and never noticed the "no" you say to yourself? Or maybe you find it challenging to hear someone say no to you and you take it too personally? If you've found that you are just not as good at communicating your boundaries and needs to others (and sometimes yourself) as you'd like to be, then this workshop is for you! We all know that babies need to be touched to survive but many don’t realize that we never outgrow the need to be held, touched, massaged and hugged. We are human, we need to be touched to be healthy! Cuddle Parties raise the oxytocin levels in the brain and the result is higher levels of happiness, a sense of peace and an overall better outlook on life. For some, higher oxytocin levels can also reduce body pain. Come join us and experience this fun, natural “high” for yourself! Dress comfortably in PJ's (think flannel not lace. No lingerie), yoga pants or other loose-fitting clothing. Bring a Teddy bear if that helps! Arrival time is 1:30 to 1:55 and the event will start promptly at 2:00. Please be on time! Participation in the welcome circle is necessary and late-comers will be turned away. This is a drug-free, alcohol-free environment. The suggested donation is $15 but please don't let money be an issue. We have 2 free entrances available for "helpers" For more information about being a helper or to see what happens contact - Jamie at[masked] or Bob at[masked]

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Monthly Cuddle Party

The Inn at Pebble Canyon (Jette Sanctuary)

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