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A new Laser Quest centre has just opened in Leeds and I am recruiting players for regular group game nights and competitive tournament play.

All ages and experience levels are welcome. The new centre has the largest game arena in the UK and it is a fantastic space to play.

If you have never played before, Laser Quest is the original (and my opinion, best!) Laser Tag system around. Up to 16 players are equipped with a Laser Gun and vest and have 15 minutes to score as many points as possible.

Standard games you have unlimited lives and ammo and will be either a free for all, or split into 2 or 3 teams. However, as a group we will be able to play specialist games not available to the public.

Come along and check it out for yourself, we are a friendly bunch :)

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Laser Quest Games Night - 3 hrs unlimited games

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Laser Quest Leeds Games Night - 1st & 3rd Saturdays! The event is open to all, runs for 3 hours with unlimited games in that time. This will be a mix of competitive games and special custom games that are not open to the public, such as; 🔫 Terminator Two teams, Marines vs Terminators. Terminators have the strength, Marines have the numbers. Who will win? 🔫 Highlander There can be only one! Elimination, last man standing game. 🔫 Frantic Same as a normal game (unlimited lives/shots), except only a 1 second downtime when hit. 🔫 Helms Deep Based on the Battle of Helms Deep from the Lord of The Rings (just with Laser Guns rather then Bows and Arrows). Players are split into Elves and Orcs. The Orcs have to break down the wall to storm the Keep to engage in close combat. 🔫 Sentinel Team 2 teams who have a limited number of lives/shots. Each team has one "Sentinel" who has the ability to recharge players lives and ammo. The objective it to eliminate the opposing teams Sentinel in order to then pick off the remaining players. Just a few examples, more games being added! Session lasts for a minimum of 3 hours and costs; £10 members £15 non-members 🔫🔫 Laser Quest Leeds Membership 🔫🔫 Not a member yet? for only £15/year you get; ✅ Big discounts on games and events ✅ Your own personal Members Key with your codename reserved ✅ Entry into the Laser Quest Leeds League Table ✅ Invites to members only tournaments and events ✅ Free Laser Quest Badge ✅ Membership of the most exclusive club in town! 😎

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Laser Quest Games Night - 3 hrs unlimited games

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