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Late Morning Hiking Group

Want to go hiking near Charleston and not wake up at the crack of dawn? This group is for you. We'll be doing some great hikes and other active, outdoor activities in the Charleston area several times a month with a happy hour in between to catch up. The goal is to do hikes with accessible, reasonable meeting times so that we can all enjoy the outdoors without losing too much shut-eye.

By participating in any Late Morning Hikers events, you explicitly agree to the waiver of liability below:

In consideration of my participation in a Late Morning Charleston Hikers (“Charleston Hikers”) event , I hereby freely and voluntarily agree to the following representations, waivers and agreements:

I UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that participation in the events offered by Charleston Hikers, including hiking and other events can result in death, bodily injury, and/or loss or damage to property.

I UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that the events offered by Charleston Hikers take place under a variety of weather conditions, difficult and changing terrain.

I REPRESENT that I have no physical or medical condition which, in my knowledge, would endanger myself or others while I participate in any Charleston Hikers' event.

I UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that Charleston Hikers, its volunteer organizers, volunteer event organizers, trip leader(s) and members are not responsible or liable for my personal welfare and safety. I am solely and completely responsible for choosing events that are within my physical and medical ability level, for taking proper clothing, provisions, and equipment along on outings to provide for my personal comfort and safety, and for making appropriate decisions in response to terrain, elevation, and weather conditions and their inherent hazards (such as but not limited to falling, falling objects, lightning, avalanche, hypothermia, and injuries caused by animals and other participants) to ensure my safety, including terminating participation in any event.

On behalf of myself and my family and spouse, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assignees and successors in interest (hereinafter “successors”), I ASSUME ALL RISKS for my personal safety, death or any injury I may suffer and/or the loss of or damage to my property, or the property of others caused by me, while participating in any Charleston Hikers event.

I HEREBY AGREE to forever HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY all persons and entities identified above from any and all liability for death, personal injury or property damage resulting in any way from my participating in Charleston Hikers events of any kind. It is my intent to extinguish any liability on the part of Charleston Hikers and its members for my death, injury or damage I may suffer as a result of my participation in any Charleston Hikers event.

I FURTHER AGREE that I or my successors shall not make a claim against or sue Charleston Hikers and/or any of its members for death, injury or damage I may suffer that results from the negligence or other act or omission, however caused, of any member of Charleston Hikers in connection with my participation in any Charleston Hikers event.

I AGREE that should I or my successors assert any claim in contravention of this agreement, I or my successors shall be liable for the expenses (including legal fees) incurred by the other party or parties in defending against such a claim.

This document contains the entire agreement between the parties and if any term of provision of this agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions of this agreement shall remain binding and enforceable.

By joining the group as a member, I hereby freely and voluntarily agree to the preceding representations, waivers and agreements contained in this document.



  1. I'm over 45 or under 25 - can I still join?
    Since the group is built around socializing and exercising, it is designed for people from age 25 to 45 who live in or near Charleston. This age range describes the primary physical and social makeup of the group. However, we do not decline any members based on age.

  2. What fitness level do I need to have to join this group?
    Please use your discretion when signing up for meetup events considering your fitness and experience. The mileage and approximate hiking times will be included to the extent possible on each event. This meetup is not recommended for first time hikers unless you get regular exercise. If you are concerned that you are not fit enough to hike the whole itinerary, you should not join that particular hike. Events will vary, but probably be at least 4+ hours of hiking each time. Please note that by joining the group as a member, you explicitly agree to the liability waiver above.

  3. Can I come even if the meetup event is full? What is your cancellation policy? Can I bring a friend even if the hike is full?
    The event is intended for those who reply "YES" only, or for those who make separate arrangements with the hike leader(s) personally (by private message on the meetup site).
    The hike leader(s) will take attendance, so please change your reply if you cannot make it, preferably at least 48 hours in advance. The organizers do have the discretion to drop people from the meetup for repeated no shows without cancelling in advance and without an explanation.

  4. Will we hike even if it rains?
    Before each hike, the hike leader(s) will be monitoring the weather conditions. Please monitor your email before you head out. If there is a very strong chance of rain or the trail conditions are likely to be hazardous, the hike may be postponed. Alternatively, if any experienced hikers want to go regardless of the weather conditions, a small group may be led, but at the discretion of the hike leader(s). However, no one will be penalized for not showing up in bad weather.

Upcoming events (2)

IOP Beach walk ~3 miles - beach day

Needs a location

It's hot to hike but let's do a beach walk ~3-5 miles and turn it into a beach day.

Where: IOP beach (Isle of Palms County Park)

What to bring: beach chair, blanket, sunblock, beach games etc.


  • Isle of Palms County Park is free for gold pass holders or for $10 for everyone else.
  • Meters $2.50 hourly
  • Street parking - you can park on the street if you get lucky and find a spot.

River Tubing Trip in Edisto

Needs a location

Join the LMH group for a day of fun! We will head over to the Edisto River Tubing Adventure company to unwind and reconnect with nature on a tubing trip down the Edisto River. Due to the high heat, there will be no hike on this trip.

-Edisto River Tubing: We'll head down to the Edisto River Tubing Company and get checked in and take the shuttle to the State Park to the tubing launch site. We’ll take our time floating down the river (~3 hours), and when we arrive back at the outpost, we can hang out and spend some time on their full-size sand volleyball court, large jenga, cornhole or just relax in a swing and watch the river go by & enjoy a picnic on the picnic table by the river. I suggest you bring a full lunch and snacks (I think they only have limited food items there). Note: you can bring your own cooler, and purchase a cooler tube to float it down the river with us.

There is limited cell service in this area, make sure to have a directions saved and also let an organizer know if you cannot attend

Buy your ticket in advance:

What to bring:
• Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Swimsuit, Sunglasses (cheap ones since they may fall in)
• Plenty of water, lunch, snacks
• Volleyball will be played after (possibly before as well) the tubing. Bring socks or shoes that you can play in. The sand is extremely hot.

Meetup Time Options (Tubing starts at 10:30 am – please don’t be late, get there 15 min prior):
• 9:30 am depart: Carpool from West Ashley - Meet at Publix on Savannah Highway (park away from the store) (45-minute drive)
• 10:15 am: Meet directly at Edisto River Adventure. If you choose this option, please make sure you’re there on time.
• Other Carpools: Feel free to organize carpools from other areas on the message board. As always, please make sure you are safe and use caution when riding with others, or when using your vehicle to provide transportation to others.

Friendly Reminder - Please remember we're an informal group of friends and volunteers. We're not experts. We plan hikes for fun. You are responsible for your own welfare and safety at all LMH events. Be sure to hike within your abilities, take maps, suitable clothing, provisions (at least two liters of water plus any food or medicine you might require) and equipment, and act responsibly and safely at all times. This includes always making sure that you stay with the group and notifying the hike leader if you must leave the group for any reason (including answering the call of nature.

LMH organizers and members shall not be liable for any injuries, loss or damage to persons or property, direct or consequential, arising out of any aspect of LMH activities. Just in case you didn't memorize it at the time, here's our liability disclaimer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mqpOlsSTVtgiTXzlnOGYlo8RpxC562ll4VTEH1k214A


Past events (71)

Wine Down Wednesday - Happy Hour (Read details)

Needs a location

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