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This is a group for motorcyclists who enjoy a leisurely ride with others once in a while, but don't want to have to be somewhere at dawn to make that happen. Maybe you're a late riser, maybe you work out or run in the morning, perhaps you like to have breakfast with the family... whatever the reason, if you're looking to join a scenic or destination ride which just starts later than most groups start their pleasure rides, this could be a good group for you.

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Free Skills Assessment Course

South Commuter Lot

Ride 2 Save Lives Motorcycle Assessment Course

Date: Sat, Sep 18 • 8 AM - 12 PM
NVCC - 6901 Sudley Road, Manassas, VA Y

Yes, I do realize that this is early, and that's against everything this group stands for 🤣, but seems like a free opportunity to brush up on some safety skills might be worthwhile. If you learn one thing, or improve one skill, it's worth it.

Currently 11 tickets left for this date (all the earlier ones are full already), so sign up at the link below now if you think you want to go!!

Assuming we would want to ride up together, we'll probably need to leave at like 6:50am (by back roads it takes an hour, so there is basically no cushion there).

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NNBurger Ride (Take Two) - RESCHEDULED

South Commuter Lot

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