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This group is inspired by Avi's dinging adventures https://www.meetup.com/Montreal-Dining-Adventures/ Avi focuses on Asian food while i created this one for the love of empanada, ceviche, papusa, alfajore, feijoada, asados, arepa, Churros, ajiaco, ropa vieja, yerba mate, burritos, inca Kola, Jerk beef and everything Latin American and Caribbean food.

Exactly like Avi, I am a member of several food-related Meetups, and while I enjoy all of them (which is why I continue to be a member), there are many restaurants that I want to try and other groups are not covering, or I simply missed the opportunity when they did.

In this group, i would like to focus more on the authenticity of the food(while ensuring hygiene and friendliness of service) more than the vibes. So it is less likely that i will choose a trendy or a 7 stars place. Prior knowledge of the region's cuisine and culture are not important, what matters is your curiosity and openness to try new things. However, if you are knowledgeable about it or have any sort of connection to Los Americas, your recommendations are highly appreciated.

Occasionally, i will also organise dinners beyond Latin and Caribbean food.

Now a few rules if you don't mind:)

1. Please include a profile picture that actually shows your face. I understand that you might have privacy concerns. But In order to be able to recognise each other when we meet, i won't be in a position to accept members with no photos of their own faces.

2. Since most events involves table reservation, a no-show up to an event will lead to membership ban . Cancelling with less than 48 hour notice will be counted as a no-show, as will as showing up more than 15 minutes late (because other people will have to wait for late members so they can order).

3. I will restrict all events to 6-10 people. One of the things that makes a dining experience good is the company and to get to know each other. A typical event will last around 90 minutes, so please make an effort to join the conversation.

4.Typically people order separately , but if you are into ordering tapas/family style so you can taste several things. I am absolutely in!

4. A meetup fee of 2$ will be collected at each event. Meetup business model is based on charging organisers on monthly basis.

5. Please bring exact change or bills that are easy to break.

Looking forward to meet you soon and don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or recommendations,

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Venezuelan at Arepera du plateau



Arepa is a type of food made of ground maize dough, originating from pre-Columbian northern region of South America, and is notable in the cuisines of Venezuela and Colombia . Today there is more than a hundred regional recipes to prepare it! It is eaten daily in those countries and can be split to make sandwiches or served as an accompaniment of cheese, cuajada (fermented milk), meat, chicken or avocado. It is also considered a distant relative to the Mexican gordita and the Salvadoran pupusa. La Arepera du plateau is (to my humble knowledge) one of the oldest Venezuelan restaurants in towns. I tried it a couple of times a few years ago and i still remember their pernil and the positive vibes! The good news is that recent google and yelp reviews shows they are still in shape! They offer a fairly diverse selection of fillings including some decent vegetarian options. If arepa is not your cup of tea, they also offer dishes accompanied by beans , rice ,cheese and plantains. Some of their fillings/dishes are: cheese ,avogado, plantains, carne mechada (shredded beef in red sauce), Pernil(Pork Roast), chicharon(Friend beef/pork), shark fish and stir chicken. The full menu is downloadable through their website: http://www.arepera.ca/

Brazilian at Acajou Brazil(Quartier Latin)

Acajou Br


Brazil is known for BBQ, and "Rodízios" mushroomed all around the world( Fixed price steak houses where waiters bring samples of food to each customer several times throughout the meal, until the customers signal that they have had enough). But Brazil have more to offer, It is a vast country that occupies almost half of South America with complex history and diverse geography. And with such diversity in climate and population, come regional cuisines! Acajou Brazil is a mom-and-pop resturant that offers some of Brazilian signature dishes, like the national dish: Feijoada(Stew of beans with beef and pork) originally from the city of Recife, Moquequa(Salt water fish/shrimps stew with coriander) from Bahia region and XinXim(Lime chicken or fish in curry & peanut sauces with coriander rice). The reviews are positive and apparently the Brazilian Forro dance community (traditional dance from North of Brazil) meet there every Wednesday. So that's an extra reassuring sign about the authenticity of the place:) They also have a tapas happy hour every Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 The full menu is downloadable through their website: https://www.acajoubr.com/menu

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Peruvian at Villa wellington

Villa Wellington


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