Balboa Park Free Laughter Class

Exercise Your Laughter Muscles for Health & Happiness (FREE)
Exercise Your Laughter Muscles for Health & Happiness (FREE)
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Every week on Saturday

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OUR GROUP HAS BEEN MEETING FOR OVER 10 YEARS! It's a great way to start the day and the weekend. We do some simple stretching, playful laughter exercises and end with a deep relaxation.

MORE PEOPLE WILL ATTEND THAN RSVP ON MEETUP because Meetup is not the primary way we promote the group.

WHAT WILL WE DO? We practice "Laughter Yoga." We start with gentle stretching, then engage in simple playful exercises that elicit genuine laughter without the need for jokes or comedy. We do a lot of breathing in between exercises which brings more oxygen to our body and brains. We end with a "laughter free-for-all" where everyone is invited to laugh, make whatever noises they want, or just lie quietly. Each group ends with a period of relaxation. It is a practice called "Laughter Yoga."

WHY IS IT CALLED "YOGA"? Laughter Yoga is NOT hatha (physical) yoga. Laughter Yoga was started in India in 1995 by a medical doctor and his wife who is a hatha yoga teacher. "Yoga" is a generic term that refers to anything we do that brings our mind, body and heart/soul into balance and laughter certainly does that! Also, Laughter Yoga incorporates the breathing and relaxation of hatha yoga and practicing it makes us more flexible in our lives, teaching us new ways to react to normally stress-producing events. For more information about Laughter Yoga, visit


EVERYONE IS WELCOME. People of ALL ages and abilities laugh with us. The group is done standing but you can bring a beach chair or folding chair if you prefer to sit during all or any part of the group.

WE STILL MEET IF IT RAINS. If it rains, we meet under the overhang by the Bridge Club building. It's just a little further south of our normal spot.