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Join us and laugh for the health of it with very freeing laughter exercises!

Laughter Yoga is a deceptively simple, yet very powerful and potentially life-changing form of exercise that anybody can do — anytime, anywhere. Its core premise is that your body can and knows how to laugh, regardless of what your mind has to say. Laughter Yoga is a body-mind approach to laughter, not something mind-body. Here you do not need to have a sense of humor, know jokes, or even be happy. Laughter Yoga invites you to fake it until it becomes real.

This is not the typical yoga with downward dog and warrior poses! It is the deep breathing mixed with laughter exercises and laughter meditation that has similarities to traditional yoga. Wear comfortable clothing, take your shoes off at the door, and no need to bring a mat. I hope to see you here!

We generally meet twice a month, the first Monday night and the third Thursday night.

It is free to attend, but love donations are happily accepted!

My website is http://www.heartandsoulspace.com

P.S. I also offer two day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings (through Laughter Yoga International University) a few times a year. Contact me if you are interested.

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Laughter Yoga Northridge - Thurs 1/27 at 7:00 pm

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Laughter Yoga Northridge - Thurs 12/16 at 2:30 pm

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Laughter Yoga Northridge - Thurs 7:00 pm

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Laughter Yoga Northridge - Thursday 7:

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