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Previously I held Laughter Yoga sessions at The Inner Place in Ledbury but it was difficult to find so I have taken up the suggestion of someone who attended my November session to try Malvern Cube.

For those who are new to this concept,

Come and join me for an hour to experience Laughter Yoga – it may change the way you look at life - to bring in more joy, care, compassion and fun.

Laughter Yoga combines deep breathing (Pranayama) with role-playing everyday activities like greeting, making a milkshake, a mobile phone conversation and showing appreciation. These activities are carried out with child-like playfulness to help people let go of inhibitions and enjoy the moment through laughter. It can give an overwhelming feeling of joy and freedom together with a deep sense of community with the other people in the group session.

Laughter yoga enables people to enjoy good health and wellbeing and helps them cultivate a positive attitude to their lives.

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Laughter Yoga - Malvern

Malvern Cube, Malvern Youth & Community Trust

• What we'll do We are taking a break during August and September during the holiday season and will be exercising our chuckle muscles again starting on 12 October from 2.00 pm. The pace of life today is filled with demands that stretch us to our limits and leaves us with hardly a moment to appreciate the wonderful world we live in. Laughter Yoga sessions enable people to feel comfortable to just ‘let go’ of the ‘real world’ throughout the session so we can rediscover our childlike playfulness and set ourselves free. Through role-playing activities with laughter combined with deep breathing exercises and time for mindfulness, by the time the session finishes with a grounding session, everyone is feeling both invigorated and relaxed. Come along and give it a try. There is no charge for the session but participants give a donation to help cover room hire fees. • What to bring Wear comfortable clothing, some water to drink and your 'chuckle' muscles • Important to know

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Laughter Yoga - Malvern

Malvern Cube, Malvern Youth & Community Trust

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