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      I am not the sharpest chicken in the tool box ... But I do like a mixed metaphor, amusing company and interesting conversation.
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      I have an IT background and a life-long interest in science and rational thinking. I find the Skeptics group is a great place for meeting people with similar interests and for stimulating discussion.
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      My name is Vanessa and I have returned from the United States where I have been living for the last 27 years.
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      Hi my name is Jake Crisp, I am in my 2nd year of a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Science). I am passionate about climate change mitigation and I am a very determined Atheist.
    • Joined Nov 15, 2012
      Sydney atheist meetup organiser, trying to keep in touch with national groups.
    • Joined Jan 3, 2012
      I'm a clinical psychologist, long-time skeptic, The Skeptic subscriber, Skeptical Inquirer contributor, into evidence-based psychotherapies, and with a book manuscript currently submitted: 'God: A Clinical Psychological Assessment'.
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      hi all! I enjoy making music. playing soccer and socialising with others over a pint.
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      Former environmental scientist, now a regulatory consultant; and part-time mature age student of philosophy and history. Member of Australian Skeptics and 2 skeptics meetups in Melbourne.
    • Joined Jul 20, 2010
      Great to hear of a Launceston Skeptic Group in action! I'm a clinical psychologist with a keen interest in science and the pursuit of critical thinking. Look forward to meeting up with you at the next meeting to further this over a couple of drinks.
    • Joined Jul 11, 2010
      Religion is a scam, the best scam in the universe.
    • Joined Jun 9, 2010
      Hi, I'm 62yrs old retired, have three beautiful daughters am wondering how I found the time to go to work? I'm a realist with a science background. So keep thinking for yourself, if it sounds like a crock of... then it probably is!
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      Joined Apr 24, 2010
      Hi I'm Michael, I an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer who likes to follow science in the news and the world around.