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If you have thought about starting a business but didn't know what steps to take. If you have decided to start a business and want to Kickstart the creation of your business, or if you have recently started a new business and are already feeling lonely and isolated, this is the place to be!

This group is for entrepreneurs, new business owners and those thinking about starting a business of their own!

The promise of this group is that you will go from Zero to Entrepreneur in 6 weeks having launched your new business or having taken your fledgling business to a new level.

THIS GROUP IS DESIGNED AROUND ACTION AND RESULTS! By the end of this program, your business will be launched - procrastination and excuses are not allowed!

Comprised of two full-day Saturday workdays, 4 online classrooms, one epic completion celebration, and one-on-one coaching sessions with the Leader, in this program, you will learn the essentials of starting and operating a business from the ground up:
• You will learn about and choose the fiscal structure of the business and learn how to Incorporate (in the State of Florida) without paying legal fees.
• You will create a one-page business plan that will be the roadmap for your first year in business and create in-depth actions plans to propel your business forward.
• You will define your key value propositions and learn how to position your business so that you can add more value, charge more money and create better, happier, loyal customers.
• You will develop a marketing plan and budget that will produce revenue and profits for your business.
• You will identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will use to measure and track your results.
• Create a realistic budget and sales forecast.
• You will create structures that will allow you to grow your business without overwhelm, overwork or stress for you or your family.
• Distinguish sales and salesmanship as an honor and an opportunity to serve, rather than a high-pressure, scary and horrible experience for yourself and your prospects.
• Learn to work ON your business instead of working IN your business (or at least when to do either, and why it's so important to distinguish.)
• Build confidence in your speaking, presentation and sales skills.

Most importantly, you will have a clear sense of purpose for your business, a plan for action, and the confidence to create breakthrough results from the get-go.

This group is open to all, and there will be seminars, meetups, and discussions that will be fun and valuable for everyone, however acceptance into the 6 Week Kickstart program will be by application only.

Please note: This program is being offered as a pilot program for a Course that will sell for $800 - $1000. As an early adapter and Charter participant, you will qualify for substantial (up to 75% off) based on your experience level and economic ability.

Joining this group does not obligate you to anything. New members will receive an invitation to have a 15-30 coaching call with Coach Brad to discuss your needs, your concerns and your objectives for your business – with no obligation or sales pressure!

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