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What we're about

Would you like your relationship (or relationships in general) to be better?

(We hear you, we've been there!)

Want to improve them, but not sure HOW to do it?

(We've been there too and we've got you covered!)

This group is for people wanting to create thriving relationships and/or a thriving intimate partnership!

Relationships receive very little effective support outside of a therapists office, and our mission is to shift that and bring relationship education and support to all.

You may be the new couple who want to succeed, the couple struggling to "make it work", the couple who simply desires more, or someone wanting to improve all your close relationships. This group is for you.

The desire for connection and relationships is wired into humans as a core need. The vital life skills we need in order to create joyful, loving, long term relationships are disregarded and discounted in our education system. We can see the tragic effects in our disconnected and volatile relationships and in our society at large.

Five years ago, our 10 year marriage was falling apart. We completely rebuilt it and our results of a happy, healthy, thriving relationship (what most consider to be elusive or lucky) have been sustainable. I often tell people that if your overall relationship feels too difficult and hard, you're probably doing it "the hard way".

We'll meet once a month in an encouraging environment, to explore, connect, support and learn more about what it takes to create thriving and sustainable relationships.

For each meet up our intention is to offer a variety of experiences, that will help you on your journey to creating great relationship.

The format for meet ups will differ but may include things like: mini workshops, group discussion and sharing, experiential processes, and feedback from us and the group. These at times can be enlightening, fun, exciting, engaging, and sometimes totally refreshing in their rawness and realness.

Depending on where you are in your relationship(s) and what you're looking for, some results of participation may include:

• Discovering where you are now in your relationship(s)

• Gaining clarity on where you want to go

• Getting back in the driver’s seat in your relationship - empowerment

• Creating new ways of being that increase your satisfaction level of your relationships

• Learning techniques, tips and tricks for your toolbox that can greatly increase your ability to create success

• Deeper understanding of yourself and for partners, how you function as a couple

• Hope and stress relief: get direction and support from experts who have been there and found the way out

• A potential new future: Take action and it can literally change your life and the lives of loved ones

Come connect with others in a community that will support you in creating your ideal healthy, happy relationship. Your relationships CAN THRIVE, if given the right support!

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