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This is a group for people who would like to Start, maintain and expand their Yoga practice and progress further into the spiritual path with advanced Yoga & Meditation techniques for overall well being, enhanced body performance and peace of mind.

Hatha Yoga – Is an old system where most of the other yoga styles originated. Includes the practice of asanas and pranayama (breathing exercises) and generally the hold of poses for longer than other styles (apart from yin). It was initially used to prepare the body to sit comfortably during meditation.
We have Hatha Beginners & Intermediate classes. Props, modifications and cues will be provided which will help with the correct alignment, suitable to every body, flexibility and fitness levels. *Suitable for Beginners

Vinyasa Intense Flow/Power Yoga - Is a more vigorous practice that involves a faster flow through postures but also strength as we hold postures. Movement and breath coordination through the series of asanas generate heat within and a cardio effect in the body. It is also called Power yoga. * It comprises a fast initial sequence and then a deep flow. I suggest you to get familiar with some of the yoga asanas and terms or to attend a couple of Hatha Yoga classes if you have never practiced Vinyasa.

Yoga Fit– Combines plyometric, pilates & fitness localised exercises with yoga postures for an increased toning and lean effect. Ideal to target the glutes, inner tights, outer tights, arms & abs while working the entire body. It is more suitable for intermediate students or students with a medium level of fitness. You will feel the burn after the class. *Suitable for Beginners

​Yin Yoga - It’s a Taoist style of yoga said to work on the body meridians. It’s a slow but deep practice that helps strengthen and release the fascia and connective tissue around the muscles and joints. It supports the opening and alignment of the hips and shoulders, overall flexibility and increased circulation in the joints and range of motion. The mindful breath work used during the class nourishes the parasympathetic nervous system and helps calming the mind. *Suitable for beginners

Yin Yang 15 min of intense Vinyasa flow to warm up to body and revitalize, followed by a Yin Yoga practice to stretch and elongate the muscles and improve flexibility.

Yoga Nidra, Pranayama & Meditation- Have you ever dreamed of 60 Minutes of Savasana? Yoga Nidra is a progressive relaxation that involves a Mindfulness and Meditation practice. It is not sleeping but will surely feel like you just had a nap. Ideal for those stressful weeks that you need extra time for yourself. *Suitable for Beginners

Into the Fascia Yin Yoga & Muscle Activation workshop

Into the Fascia- Yin Yoga, Pranayama & Muscle Activation techniques for better breathing, posture & increased performance.

Rainbow Bridge Meditation Workshop

Rainbow Bridge Techniques are offered to aid the student in building a bridge of consciousness to the source of wisdom within the Soul; while at the same time cleansing the personality vehicles (physical, mental and emotional bodies) of low grade energies, thus allowing more of the Soul’s qualities to manifest un-distorted, enabling you to reach your true potential.

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Yoga sculpt in Parc D'Hermitage or zoom

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Yin Yoga in Parc D'Hermitage or zoom

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Hatha Vinyasa flow in Parc D' Hermitage or Zoom

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Vinyasa Power Yoga Parc D'Hermitage or zoom

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