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This group is for people who are interested in Law of Attraction and other universal laws. We will meet for Goal Setting Workshops, Vision Board Workshops, Law Of Attraction Teachings, Personal Development Events and do Breakthrough Work to eliminate limiting beliefs that could block us from manifesting our dreams. Plus, we will have a ton of fun and for lifelong friendships. Looking forward to meeting you soon :)

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Awakened Life Live

Omni Austin Hotel Downtown

Attention Personal Development Junkies! So here's the thing... Why aren't you on the registration list for the Awakened Life Live Event?! This is quickly becoming the most talked about personal development event in TX! This one is in Austin and it is totally worth the drive! People have paid thousands to attend this event and we are making it free for you... If I put you in a room full of amazing people who are committed to being their highest and best selves, could you change your life? What if I gave you exact step by step recipes to experience miracles in your health, wealth, happiness, relationships and spiritual connection? What if on top of that you get to learn the Awakened Life Breakthrough Process that will give you the ability to transcend any and all limiting beliefs... In just 3 incredible days of being with me and other like-minded achievers, you can experience a transformation like no other. If you are not on point to hit and surpass your 2019 goals then why haven't you claimed your tickets to Awakened Life Live??! IMPORTANT – We are giving away a limited amount of tuition waivers... If you don't claim your free seats soon, you will not have another opportunity to do so. Our event space is starting to fill up... So, if you don't claim your free seat soon then you will miss out on what others have called the greatest 3 days of their life! So click here to claim it now! https://www.awakenedlifelive.com This upcoming event is November 15th -17th 2019, in Austin, TX. Why signup now? - Because you have HUGE 2019/20 GOALS. - Because the world needs you at your absolute best. And you are NEVER EVER EVER done growing or striving for a bigger future. - Because 2018 and 2019 left you with missed opportunities, but you won't let 2020 go by the same way. - And because once we run out of seats, you'll have to wait til the next one There's always a new awakening, a new thinking pattern, a new breakthrough, a more advanced strategy, a new community that can take you higher. People have paid thousands to come to events like this But you have two complimentary tuition waivers waiting on you. So now you just have to be DECISIVE and go claim those tickets before they're gone. https://www.awakenedlifelive.com You say you want the advanced training. You say you want to go to another level. You say you're ready for more. All those missed opportunities of 2018 and 2019 - don't let that be your story in 2020. You need to be on your A-game in 2020. Right? Then register for the Awakened Life Live right now. Let me and my team support you through life transformational breakthroughs! - Let me help you lead better. - Communicate better. - Contribute better. - Find your purpose - Gain the freedom and control of your time that you crave You have 2 tickets waiting for you - But if you don't claim them soon, you might not get a spot So you better go save your seat NOW. https://www.awakenedlifelive.com 2020 is almost here, my friends! Let's all bring our A game. Let's focus. Let's master our psychology. Our body. Our day's agenda. Our ability to evolve and tap in to your next level. An event like this doesn’t cost time, it buys you time back with new capabilities. An event at this caliber doesn’t cost you money, it can have an insane ROI on your future if you’re here and execute what you learn. Let's live the year fully awakened. On purpose. Ready for whatever. Because the world needs you at your best. Now. See you November 15th! Click here https://www.awakenedlifelive.com

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Awaken Your Destiny Masterclass

Center For Life

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