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This group is about happiness, having a great attitude, success, and living your dreams. Its about having great friends, a great education and understanding what it is that makes someone successful in whatever their endeavour. It's also about being free, about understanding what freedom is, and why it's so important for everyone to be be successful.

All this comes from ones leadership ability - which is not something we are born with but something each and every one of us can develop

Leadership starts with self, and setting the right example. This group is about improving our leadership skills and learning about success in all the fundamental categories of life.

One of the key aspects of success comes from the power of association, You want to be a winner in life? start hanging around other people with the same attitude; and this is a great place for that!

Leadership is for everyone! We will all be called up to lead at some point (actually at many points) in our lives; the only question is whether we will be ready.

Come join a bunch of other leaders and leaders in training (we should all be both!) and make a difference in the world! We will have meet-ups where we will gather together to discuss various topics from leadership and the principles of success to relationships and just plain being happy. On occasion some broader topics like freedom and economics will be brought up; which we need to understand to make sure we don’t lose through ignorance what we gained from our hard work.


This meetup tries to meet 3 or 4 times a month, but this is because Lee Weishar also hosts another meetup, Financial Fitness (https://www.meetup.com/Montreal-Financial-Fitness/), to separate the leadership and financial issues. You're welcome to check out that meetup to come to more events!

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The Secret to Successful Relationships: Communication

Alexis Nihon

The location requires it


Communication is important. But the act of communicating is not enough; we also need to be understood.

There are many different aspects to good communication. The concepts in Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People of complimenting others and not arguing is a pretty important for example.

But there is also the aspect of our differing personalities and our love languages; which apply to everyone, not just our spouses (but REALLY applies to the deeper relationships!)

We will discuss various principles of good communication and the different languages we speak to show we care about the other person - which is essential in building and keeping relationships.

Most relationship end because of lack of communication. The lack of communication tends to come from us not understanding the different ways we communicate, and how other people perceive our words and actions.

After tonight, there will be very little you don't understand anymore!


Location: Alexis Nihon food court
(near the back of it; there will be a sign for this meetup)


* * Feel free to bring food or drinks * *

The food court in the mall will be closed, however some places close to it will be open.

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Goals & Dreams; Knowing What You Want & Getting It!

Atwater Business Center

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