What we're about

This group is a space to discuss and explore key concepts of the Law of One/RA Material, and ways to integrate these metaphysical aspects into our lives. This group will assist those interested in learning about spirituality, reincarnation, and how the concepts within the Law of One can be used for spiritual growth.

While there are many approaches to seeking, this will be a space for Service to Others or positively polarized individuals who desire a community of like-hearted and like-minded souls with which to study, teach/learn, connect, and grow.

Please know that I am not an expert by any means, so the intention of the group is for everyone to show up as both a teacher and a student. While I offer my space and act as coordinator, we equally share in our learn/teaching. So whether you're absolutely new to the material or have been studying for many years, you are welcome.

Some specific details about our group format:

~ We every other Monday evening from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

~ We ask that group members have read the agreed upon pages or sessions before each meeting, such that it is fresh in our hearts and minds. Pay particular attention to anything within the reading that inspires, confuses, resonates (or not), or otherwise bring a longing for conversation. You might even mark passages that you'd like to read aloud, etc

~ We are seeking not only to study and interpret the original material, but also cultivate an embodied practice - how we LIVE the concepts in our lives, within the present moment, etc; engaging not only our minds, but our full mind/body/spirit complex

~ Each group will include:

* some form of group meditation practice, ideally rotated among members to lead/offer.

* a portion of time for check ins and personal shares, encouraging authenticity, vulnerability to the degree you're comfortable (again, dropping into the heart!), and supportive connection with eachother-selves :)

* a discussion on the session(s) we've read in those two weeks.

~ Group Values ~

1. We gather as a Service to Others positively oriented circle.

2. Heart connection beyond mental engagement or theory.

3. The concept of learn/teaching - that we are both student and teacher in each moment. Inviting a practice of curiosity rather than convincing, when faced with a potential differing or conflicting view from an other-self.

4. Committing to not "fixing" or trying to make anything "better" for anyone. Likewise, not offering advice unless it's explicitly requested by the one sharing.

5. Coming prepared to the best of our ability - having read and reflected upon the material we'll be covering.

6. Confidentiality - we create a safe container in which we can explore, learn, grow and support one another authentically.

If your'e new to the Law of One, you can find all of the material online for free! I encourage you to visit this site and go down the rabbit hole :)


You can also find a wonderful video introduction to the Ra Contact here, as created by the Asheville North Caroline study group: https://youtu.be/2UZ8JN_fzVA

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