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Group Intent

Are you spiritually minded? Or, possibly even a "mystic" in some ways? What if there was a database of transcripts from extra terrestrials explaining the secrets of our lives as being Spiritual Beings that are manifesting a physical reality/illusion on Earth?

e I'll cut to the chase and say this group is likely going to attract those spiritual seekers and mystics looking to expand theirdelve deeper into topics like...

Reincarnation, Consciousness, Meditation, the Mind/Spirit/Spirit relationship, Earth's connection to the Universe, Non-terrestrial life (ETs), Guides/Angels, Ascension/Harvest, our Shadow side, Good vs Evil, and even the relationship

delving into the over 1500 transcriptions and many boon llresearch.org, dating back to the 50s, to learn practical information that the Confederation has provided to mind-body-spirits (us Humans!) that applies to what we are seeing in 2020. The terminology used by the Confederation (which those of Ra are a part of) will be aided by the new "Ra Contact Resource Series" published by those L/L Research (woot woot!) found at the following link: The Ra Contact Resource Series (https://llresearch.org/library/a_concept_guide/a_concept_guide.aspx). Other LL Research books available at: https://llresearch.org/library.aspx . And the Advanced Google Search will be used to research spiritual topics on love and light through the extenstive database of transcripts L/L research has collected.

The Ra Contact Resource Series (https://llresearch.org/library/a_concept_guide/a_concept_guide.aspx)

This group will have two parts:

First Hour:

- Pre-reading a 4-7 page transcription on a certain topic (e.g., integrating our shadow side, or if you can't see the light then be the light). During the one hour we will discuss the topic at hand the the transcriptions read.

Second Hour (optional):

- Discussing how LOO-related topics relate to the illusion/realiity we see manifesting around the world. This will likely include current events, but the focus will be to seek the love behind it all and not the fear.

More Details...

This study and sharing group is now offered via Zoom due to social distancing rules. The below information on this page will allow those interested to delve into the material themselves. I will continue to update this page to assist with this process and offer key reading material for those interested.

In short, the Law of One compliments all faiths, religions, scientists, and anyone with an open heart and open mind that is seeking to understand how we can advance our spiritual development as spiritual beings sharing a collective experience on Earth.

Whether Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, New Age, or anything else... let's make 2020 the year where we find a way to love each other by finding our commonalities instead of our differences. The Law of One is not a faith or religion, it is simply information that explains why we came to Earth to have this experience and how we can look inside to unlock our true creative potential to manifest the most beautiful shared experience possible.

L/L Research

If you would like to read about who "L/L Research" is, please click on the following link: https://www.bring4th.org/about/

Law of One Research & Study Group - Victoria

1. Welcome message and Intro to the Law of One

2. Group Intent.

3. Who is Kyle?

4. How is This Meetup Group Different?

5. Can This be Used Practically?

6. Is This a Religion or Cult?

7. For those with a Scientific Mind...How About the Evidence?

8. Resources and Reading List (UPDATED 3May2020)

1. Welcome!

If you are a spiritual seeker and haven't yet heard about the "Law of One", it is possible that this could be the missing puzzle piece in understanding your purpose in life, the mysteries of life (physical and metaphysical), how reincarnation appears to work, and more. Personally I have found it to deepen my understanding of other spiritual teachings and find the unity between all of our seeking/faiths, whether academic or non-academic. As a psychologist, I have found the Law of One to be non-dogmatic for my clients, to compliment Buddhists through to Christians, and explain how each of us has a three part package of mind/body/spirit that can be trained consciously. My passion is co-creative consciousness and that is why I've created this group. As the more we seek to find our similarities, rather than differences, we think in a more similar way and in turn manifest a new reality on Earth rooted in peace, love, compassion, and forgiveness.

If this is of interest to you... read a bit more below and join a gathering!

NOTE: Please keep in mind as you read the following material that I have found the following information to be of great value to many people across the globe. My intent on sharing this information is simply to assist those seeking the truth of our existence. The information I outline below is only my humble understanding of the information I have studied and tested in my own life. Although I will try to be objective in what I write, there will always be a level of my own personal “distortion” from the original material I reference. Therefore, please take with you that which resonates and simply leave behind what does not. I understand that people are very busy and most do not have the time or means to delve deeply into this material. My goal is to bridge that gap and assist others in understanding this simple, yet complex, information.

What is the Law of One? (often called LOO)

In short, the Law of One is a collection of metaphysical/spiritual knowledge that all together appears to explain the "Laws" or ingredients of how the Universe collectively operates and how Love-based (on one extreme) and Fear-based (on the other extreme) energy fuels the physical reality we live in. It explains how we are all consciousness, energy-beings, currently having a 3rd Density (or Dimension) physical experience with a veil of forgetting our past lives. Similar to what many mystics of the past have spoken of.

This "veil of forgetting" is necessary in order to make free-will personal choices that will eventually lead us into future lives in upper-states of 3D (seven levels) depending on the choices we make, eventually leading us to lives in 4D and 5D and so forth. The life experience we are having now in 3D provide us with a wide array of life situations (often termed catalysts) that allow us to make conscious or subconscious choices throughout our lives. Eventually, over many lives, leading us toward either being more "positively-polarized" or "negatively-polarized" generally speaking. This would lead in individual (often called a "self" or "other-self") to desire future lives that orient more to being selfish and not wanting to share love with others (called service to self or STS), or more desirous to be good to others and more loving (often termed service to others or STO). Eventually leading to higher-state of consciousness whereby you would, when ready, enter into a 4D existence that allows you to utilize this higher state of consciousness and awareness to it. This is why mindfulness-meditation can be very powerful for some. This 4D existence is the realm where many "guides" or "angels" exist. This may sound new, confusing, or even strange to some. But the messages of Buddha, Jesus the Christ, ancient Vedic knowledge and even Egyptian and Christian mysticism seemed to discuss these teachings as well. In my opinion, LOO is the most unbiased and explains the parts that scientists and religious leaders appear to disagree on.

For those of you interested in more recent work into past lives and reincarnation, the Law of One appears to support and validate some of the work done by people/researchers such as Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, David Wilcock, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and many others.

This information is ultimately about the power of Oneness, Unity, Love Consciousness (often called Christ Consciousness) and compliments all faiths and religions that aren't too rigid or dogmatic. This is a metaphysically-deep topic and very rich in spiritual information for the seeker of truth into our past, present, and future lives. Most exciting to me, is the magnified power (or doubling effect) of group- or collective-consciousness and the potential we have to make the world we live in a better place. The Maharishi University can better explain the power of collective-consciousness or collective-meditation at https://research.mum.edu/maharishi-effect/ .

Considering this is a topic of wide scope, I've outlined many resources in Section 8 for you to learn a bit more before attending one of our Meetups.

2. The Group Intent

This group will study and discuss key concepts of the Law of One and discuss ways to integrate these metaphysical aspects into our lives. The Law of One information provides deep insights into why meditation is important to train our Minds. It explains how our Thoughts are actual energy, which we can harness to manifest a new reality and future. This group will assist those interested in learning about spirituality, reincarnation, and how the concepts within the Law of One can be used, and have always been used, for spiritual growth and ascension.

Please know that I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. This is not a religion of any sort, and please only attend if you are open-minded and a spiritual seeker of the truth behind our existence here on Earth.

3. Who is Kyle?

This Meetup isn't about me, but I'll explain a bit of who I am so that you understand why I'm hosting this group. Like you, I'm a seeker of the truth. Over the years I've worked as a Kinesiologist, Physical Therapist, career Firefighter, and now as a Psychologist in Victoria. I grew up without religion or spirituality in my life and only discovered spirituality as an adult. I often joke that I grew up a racist-atheist, and although I don't say that with pride I accept that as part of my journey.

Through my own life struggles, and being witness to many other people in crisis over the years, I've landed in a place where it appears that many of us are seeking to better understand the meaning of life. This has led me to research various aspects of consciousness and the mind (e.g., conscious, subconscious, unconscious). Upon stumbling across the Law of One information in 2017, which is still a mystery to me, I was quite skeptic and approached it very scientifically. Over the years of examining this information, comparing it to other theories and concepts, and collaborating with other researchers, I have found it to be the most thorough information to explain our spiritual journey of life. As a bonus, it also appears to explain our past, our present, and our future better than anything else I have researched!

I have a great fascination of how the deepest parts of the mind work and how we can harness them to our spiritual advantage. With this group I hope we can together explore these aspects of consciousness, understand lost secrets of our past, and learn how this smaller "physical-game" of life fits into a much larger "metaphysical-Game" called reincarnation, whereby we manifest change through thought, choice, and action.

4. How is This Meetup Group Different?

I will often discuss main concepts that are explained within the 45 years of research collected by "L/L Research" on the Law of One (located in the USA). They are well known for their initial material related to "The Law of One" called the "Ra Material" or "Ra Contact" collected in the early 1980's. If you Google search these terms please keep in mind that you may not be getting the most accurate information, as there is plenty of misinformation on the web. I suggest visiting http://www.llresearch.org/home.aspx and spending some time there before visiting our group (more resources in Section 8, below)

The above website has decades of transcriptions and many free PDF books often written at the level of a university professor. Well, in my opinion, better than any "mainstream" university professor as they usually shy away from these topics. Don Elkins started L/L Research many decades ago and was a well respected university professor/researcher in physics and was also an engineer. His scientific approach toward collecting this information/data has been at a very high level and takes some time to get familiar with the terminology. The L/L Research group has continued to maintain this level of writing and research for the past 45 years. The recent 2020 publication by Gary Bean (The Ra Contact Resource) is a highly anticipated release that we will focus on.

5. Can This be Used Practically?

We can use this information to better understand and guide our thoughts, to train our minds just like exercise would for the body. This is a sweat-free way to exercise your mind, to better control your thoughts, and to live a life with more meaning, purpose, Love, and Unity with others. The exercises for your mind will likely include aspects of: living a life seeking oneness, unity, forgiveness, unconditional love, peace, meditation, prayer, and finding fun and love in the present moment (e.g., Mindfulness and present moment awareness). This can compliment any faith, enrich any religion, and even provide answers to those atheists out there that don’t align with any particular religion and yet know there is something happening in space beyond what we are told. A curious and open mind is all you need to explore the possible truths to ultimately see if it can compliment your life. Keep in mind, this is kind of like a sport whereby you'll first need to understand some of the basic rules for it all to make sense.

6. Is This a Religion?

No, this is not a religion. It will, however, likely compliment anyone who resonates with aspects of: mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, consciousness, unity, forgiveness, reincarnation, and finding meaning and purpose in life. It is a philosophy of spirituality that describes how to live a consciousness-based life of Unity and Oneness with others and with our Earth/Gaia. It can also compliment your own religion or the connection you have to a higher source.

7. For those with a Scientific Mind...How About the Evidence?

As you will learn by delving into this material, Don Elkins was the original researcher team who in the 80’s who brought the Law of One to the mainstream public. It was through this background as an engineer, physicist, university professor, commercial pilot, UFO researcher, and Consciousness/Meditation researcher, that he was able to ask the right questions and understand the deep content within the Law of One. Today, there is enough interest in "mainstream" science around these topics that medical departments at the Universities of Arizona, Virginia, and others are deeply invested into studying consciousness and life after death from many angles. Even the area of "parapsychology" is currently being archived at the University of Manitoba in Canada for research purposes. People like internationally known psychiatrist Brian Weiss (YouTube: "Oprah and Weiss") and many other highly respected health professionals have changed their tune on the old "scientific" approach of our Western understanding around life, death, reincarnation, and mental health. Dr. Weiss, for example, has come forward to share over 30 years of research that supports how we do live many lives, through repeated reincarnates, in many physical bodies. The Law of One material appears to answer even more detailed questions around how all of this works and how we can utilize it ourselves for spiritual/metaphysical growth.

8. Resources

Below is more detailed information, but I would suggest to start reading the recently published Resource book by LL Research: https://www.llresearch.org/library/a_concept_guide/a_concept_guide.aspx that explains the Law of One and more specifically the Ra Contact (Ra Contact found at: https://www.llresearch.org/library.aspx

The Law of One information was largely collected by Don Elkins and his team in the early 1980's through a question and answer format with a more advanced group of extra-terrestrials calling themselves "Ra." This was done via telepathic communication between Ra and three people: Don Elkins (the questioner), Carla Rueckert (the instrument or channeler), and Jim McCarty (the Scribe who assisted Carla in a state of meditation). If you are new to this information, I'm sure it sounds strange to hear this for the first time. I know it was for me! I suggest to have an open mind to this material, as many people like Tesla, Einstein, and other great mystics over time have received information in similar ways through dreams, awake states, automatic writing or other forms of telepathy. Furthermore, science has proven that telepathy is possible and does exist usually through focused states of meditation.

There is much information out there regarding the Law of One and I'll try to provide you with some good resources. For example, in recent times there have been popular people like David Wilcock and Corey Goode speaking about this information. At times this can add to the confusion, so I'll attempt to explain the easiest ways to get information.

Don Elkins, being a physicist and engineer, asked this group of entities called “Ra” many questions relating to physics, consciousness, and other areas of a metaphysical nature. He quickly realized that Ra was not only answering deep physics and history-related questions, but that Ra was discussing information related to a group of Universal laws: the Law of One. These initial 106 session lasted several years and can be read and listened to at https://www.lawofone.info/ . By the time L/L Research connected with Ra in the early 1980’s they had already been collecting similar information from other telepathic contacts since the early 70’s. Everything started to align and make sense for them when they understood it all applied to the Law of One. Although Don Elkins has since passed, the L/L Research team has continued to collect and test this information for the past 45 years!

If you are new to these theories I recommend going to the website ( http://www.llresearch.org/home.aspx ) and downloading (free on pdf) or ordering the book called "Living the Law of One–101: The Choice." This book is written by Carla Rueckert and is a great summary of the Law of One for practical use. It is also available on Audible and narrated by Jim McCarty himself on behalf of Carla who had since passed away.

If you want to explore the original Ra research material they collected (like I first did), you can go to a second website they have created at https://www.lawofone.info/ and use the "search" bar at the top right by entering key words. My first interest was around the apparent relationship between Ra and the Egyptian era that also spoke of a God they called Ra. This was apparently a mistake Ra made by showing themselves physically, not telepathically, to the Egyptian people in order to assist them with spiritual growth. The Egyptian’s unfortunately considered Ra to be a God and the elites soon kept the information for themselves. I simply couldn’t stop reading the material while cross referencing it with other sources. I did not expect this material to be so deep in psychology and the metaphysical aspects of life. It was only through my continued reading that I understood this information to a deeper level.

David Wilcock and Corey Goode also speak of the Law of One in many of episodes on GaiaTV, but they also look at other information that may not be of interest to you (e.g., the Secret Space Program). If you're a scientific or critical reader, I suggest going to the source of the information so that you can evaluate the original information yourself. A great short read is at the following link, which is a 2-chapter book written by Don Elkins shortly before his death. This book wasn't finished by Don, and is a deep 30 page read that is a great overall summary from the perspective of a physicist. ( http://www.llresearch.org/origins/accelerating_personal_evolution/accelerating_personal_evolution.pdf ( http://www.llresearch.org/origins/accelerating_personal_evolution/accelerating_personal_evolution.pdf ).)).

Please know that although I work as a psychologist I am not providing any forms of "therapy" at these meetings. This is for spiritual growth and exploration at your own pace, within your own journey, guided by your own intuitive development, and will likely have a by product interesting/synchronistic stuff happening in your life! I am not an expert in the Law of One material, as I've only been studying it since early 2018. I do, however, research many areas of psychology/consciousness and see how it clearly aligns with much of the mindfulness and meditation techniques that are currently incorporated into mainstream psychological theories. Join us in going straight to the source of this information so that it can benefit your life.

In Love, Light, and Unity.

Kyle Cheveldayoff

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