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Join a community of K-12 educators who are committed to supporting one another to do their own personal development work in order to take their classrooms and schools to the next level. The focus of this meetup is to provide teachers and administrators an opportunity to engage in deep intrapersonal work designed to cultivate ongoing BreakThroughs that increase life and career satisfaction. This results in more emotional capacity to show up for students, parents, and colleagues authentically. If you desire to feel fully engaged and empowered to give your gifts while creating collaborative classroom communities that thrive, then this community is for you. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated, disconnected, underperforming, or simply know that more is possible for you, your students, or your staff, then this is a safe place for you to receive highly skilled, somatic-based, process-oriented coaching within a transformational community utilizing advanced relational tools.

James Mayfield Smith is a BreakThrough Coach and founder of BreakThroughCircle.com and InnerChildBreakThrough.com. James offers online courses and onsite training focused on cultivating BreakThrough moments so that new possibilities emerge. James is a former elementary teacher, reading teacher, teacher trainer, ed tech marketer, and designer of the Pair Up! Reading program, published by Pearson. He's now a full-time BreakThrough Coach and developer of transformation-oriented online courses.

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