Le Wagon Talk with Charlotte Creplet - CEO Owisper


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For this new Talk, we will be pleased to welcome Charlotte Creplet, CEO of Owisper.

Charlotte is a multi entrepreneur and has worked in Health and Technology for years.

Fullstack developer, Webdesigner, Marketer and Copywriter, she trains in Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.
But she also work as a couple therapist and sex therapist and helps individuals and couples to improve their personal development.

That's why she founded Owisper which is the first online coaching program to be more fulfilled in bed. Yes, this is it, and this is a very serious project, with a real Growth Hacking challenge, as niche and often censured by normal marketing tools.

Charlotte will share with us her journey through the life of an entrepreneur and developer and the challenges she faced with her original projects!

Take this opportunity to join us and talk with the Wagon team and our apprentice developers of the autumn batch 2020 with a drink!

For further information, we invite you to visit owisper.com

We look forward to meeting you soon!
Le Wagon team