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Le Wagon Workshop - How to Design Awesome CSS Components

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🎁This is a FREE workshop on CSS Components Design! 🎁


Code and design all the most useful web-components like buttons, avatars, cards, navs, dropdown, list items.. with nice CSS tricks and techniques.

👉DISCLAIMER: you should have some basic HTML/CSS knowledge to come. If you've been to one of our "Build your landing page in 2 hours" / "Introduction to HTML & CSS" workshops, this will be the perfect follow-up.

Instructor: Stephane Lafontaine, Le Wagon alumni & teacher (Montréal), Full-Stack developer.

✏In this workshop, you will learn how to code:

‱ Navbars
‱ Buttons
‱ Cards
‱ Dropdown-lists
‱ Banners & badges
‱ Other UI components that you can find on most apps

To do that, we will cover lots of cool CSS techniques and patterns by reproducing components from existing websites (Product Hunt or Medium). Positioning techniques, flexbox, transitions, filters, etc.. you'll learn a lot of crazy CSS stuff, we promise!


đŸ’»How to prepare and what to bring đŸ’»

✅1) You own laptop - FULLY CHARGED
✅2) Make sure you have Google Chrome installed and running on your computer:
✅3) Download SublimeText Editor:

We look forward to meeting you soon!


🚀About Le Wagon 🚀

Le Wagon is the leading coding school for entrepreneurs and creative people. We are present in 30 cities worldwide, have trained +4000 students, with over 120 startups in operation, and have been rated the #1 coding bootcamp worldwide on Course Report & Switchup!

Our 9-week, full-stack web development course equips aspiring entrepreneurs, product managers, designers, and junior developers with the technical skills they need to build great products and startups.


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