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[Free Workshop] 21st, Nov. Javascript for Beginners **FULL**

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On this particular workshop, we will deep into Javascript. This programming language is very popular. It's been used by all web browsers for more than 15 years and every web-developer must code some JS during their career. In addition to that, lots of cool JS frameworks were built recently, like React.js, NodeJS, MeteorJS…

Let's go through JavaScript core notions together!

Speaker: Michaeljohn Clement
JavaScript developer, Node.js contributor, Freelancer

Michaeljohn acquired deep experience with front-end technologies, especially JavaScript, during his years as a Web developer from 2004 to 2011. He was an early contributor to Node.js and has worked with startups all over the world. He moved from the US to China in 2011 and believes many of the biggest opportunities for tech startups are found in the Middle Kingdom. As a teacher, Michaeljohn advocates learning by doing, and Le Wagon's program is a great way for students to put theory immediately into practice.

Disclaimer: If you already know the basics of JS, maybe this workshop is not for you. Read the program below, and if you feel you know all these notions, you can just leave your seat for someone who really needs it.

What you will learn: History and background -Variables & Types - Conditions - Loops - Functions - Objects - DOM - jQuery

What to bring and preparation:
1) You own laptop - FULLY CHARGED
2) Make sure you have Google Chrome installed and running on your computer


Click the following link free registration on Yoopay:
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