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Welcome to Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developed India 2020.

We are inspired by late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former president of India, who passionately inspired the youth and the professionals to assume their leadership role for transforming India into a developed nation.

Our Forum guides the affiliated Leaders and Enterprises on how to conduct scalable online Events, build scalable online Enterprises, and generate scalable online business and to provide online globalization support for the Indian micro, small and medium enterprises. And we guide the youth how to learn and earn with the skills we impart by serving the projects that we have already secured.

We also guide the affiliated academic institutions in conducting scalable online Events; build scalable online Alumni Enterprises, and building scalable online Incubators, and help them collaborate in coping up with the New Education Policy 2020 and National Innovation and Startup Policy 2020.

Balarama Varanasi, Founder is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA (www.pmi.org (http://www.pmi.org/)), and offers the preparatory courses for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) credential offered by PMI, USA and trains the youth in Consultancy career.

Pioneering research of Balarama has won award in Project Management Congress 2005, New Delhi. Profile photo showcases Balarama receiving the award from Mr. Gregory Balestrero, CEO & President of PMI, USA in 2005. Our current initiative commercializes and globalizes above pioneering research.

Balarama also serves as the Consultant, Institutional Innovation Council at Pendekanti Institute of Management, Hyderabad and is empanelled as an Innovation Ambassador by the by Ministry of HRD Innovation Cell after imparting the training necessary for guiding the students and faculty on topics related to Incubation, Pre Incubation and Co Incubation.

American companies have severed liaison with their Chinese supply chains. Can we help the Indian micro, small and medium enterprises by guiding them how to take advantage of the available global opportunity? Can we strengthen democracy globally through the strategic sectoral collaboration between India and USA? Can we create jobs for the American graduates?

70% of the Indians are currently in the age group of 15-30 in 2020. India will become the third largest economy globally by 2024, if the single window for Corporate Recruitment, Research, Consultancy, Entrepreneurship, Technologies, Social Entrepreneurship, and Leadership is created and if the students and colleges assist the experienced professionals in providing the globalization support for the Indian micro, small and medium enterprises. Such an opportunity is known as Demographic Dividend.

Balarama served as the volunteer organizing the interaction of former president of India, late Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who has inspired the youth and professionals to assume their leadership role for transforming India into a developed nation by helping India reap Demographic Dividend.

Balarama has taken the pledge to help India reap Demographic Dividend. To fulfill the accountability, Balarama has become a certified ZED Master Trainer and Consultant from Quality Council of India (QCI), and currently serves as a globalization consultant for US Global Business Forum (www.usgbf.com (http://www.usgbf.com/)) in charge of AP and Telangana.

Balarama plans to help India reap the Demographic Dividend, by organize Events that help the academic institutions of India secure global investment to offer Executive Development Programs and ABET, USA accredited Programs, and by strengthening the Industry Institute Partnership, by involving NRIs and Professionals who are not currently gainfully employed.

Companies and parents are claiming that the millennials are irresponsible and the media is reporting that 80% of the youth are unemployable. Balarama wants to prove that the perception of the parents, companies and media is wrong.

Accordingly, Balarama has taken up the pledge of making one million people take leadership pledge during 2020. We have only about three months left. Is it possible?

Balarama believe that the generosity of the patriotic leaders like you will make it possible and that the youth of India will make it possible. Online events are highly scalable and a million isn’t a big deal for the Millennials of India, if they are inspired.

What do you do? What are you planning to do for transforming India into a global leader as soon as possible? Please message me if you would like to address our Forum with your ideas.

Start inviting your friends to join our Forum. The effort required eases if we increase the volunteers.

Join an upcoming Event to get started. Take the leadership pledge and lead the movement. We are waiting to serve you.

With Leadership Love,

Balarama Varanasi, PMP

Founder, Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developed India 2020

September 26, 2020

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