• MSME - Innovation, Growth & Transformation

    National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

    Institute of Directors ( IOD ) is organizing half day Regional MSME Convention 2019 in association with NI- MSME, Hyderabad. The event will be followed by lunch. IOD has offered free special invitation for limited number of the members of our Forum. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience. This event provides insights by eminent panels on issues related to MSMEs. It also provides amazing networking opportunity with more than 200 participants from start ups, micro, small and medium enterprises, directors, entrepreneurs, consultants, investors, incubators and professors. Agenda, Panels and Eminent Speakers are as follows : 9 am - 9.30 am Registration 9.30 am - 11 am Inaugural and Plenery Session I - Welcome address by Shri. Ramachandru Tehavath, IAS (Retd). - Inaugural address by Dr. Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Director, NI - MSME - Presidential address by Lt. Gen. J. S. Ahluwalia, President, IOD - Guest of Honor: Shri. Suresh Chukkapalli, Hon. Consul General of Korea in Hyderabad. 11 am - 11. 15 am Tea Break 11.15 am - 12.30 pm Plenary Session II - Leveraging Tally for Business Growth by Shanmukha C. G. , Zonal Lead, Product Excellence, Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru - Women Enterprise Case Study by Geeta Goti, Independent Director, NI - MSME - Emerge - The New NSE listing platform for SMEs by Mr. Abhishek Goud, NSE, Hyderabad - Innovation in Startup Ecosystem by Sridevi Devireddy, CEO, S R Innovation Exchange, Warangal - Interaction with the audience 12.15 pm - 1.30 pm Plenary Session III - Panel discussion on MSME challenges and strategies chaired by Mr. Sanjay Jain, SIDBI, Hyderabad Panelists i) D. Chandra Sekhar, Additional industry advisor, MSME - DI ii) Mr. Shrijant Sinha, CEO, Telangana Academy for Skill & Knowledge, Hyderabad iii) Dr. Sriram Biradavolu, CEO, Cyber Security Centre of Excellence, Telangana DSIC, Hyderabad - Interaction with the audience - Vote of Thanks by Mr. T.V. Shiva Rao, Hon. Secretary, IOD, Telangana & AP Networking Lunch follows at 1.30 pm.

  • Business Opportunities & Entrepreneurship in Waste Management

    National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI) is conducting above one day conference in association with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation ( GHMC) & Telangana State Pollution Control Board. This conference presents state of the art techniques and techologies in Waste Management, business opportunities in the theme of converting waste to wealth. NSWAI has extended free special invite to limited number of members from our Forum on first come first serve basis. Please RSVP as soon as possible. Agenda: 9.30 - 10 am Registration 10-11 am Inaugural Session - Release of "Waste Monitor" magazine, issue # 2 - Signing of MOU between NSWAI and ASCI - Welcome address by Dr. A.K. Sahu, Founder & President of NSWAI - Inaugural address by Mr. Arvind Kumar, Pricipal Secretary, MAUD, Telangana - Key note address by Ms. Shruthi Ojha, IAS - Introductory remarks by Prof. S. Chary from Administrative Staff College of India ( ASCI) - Guest speech by Mr. V. Anil Kumar, IAS 11 am - 11.20 am Tea Break 11.20 am - 1 pm Technical Session 1 Chaired by Mr. Ashish Deosthali, Additional DG, All India Local Self Government. Topics & Speakers in the session are: - Circulary economy in Waste Management by Dr. Prasad Modak - Biomedical Waste Management by Dr. Sanjay Joshi, NSWAI, Mumbai - Opportunities in Waste Sector by Padmashri Nara Ravi Kumar, All India VP, DICCI 1.40 pm - 3.20 pm Technical Session 2 Chaired by Dr. Y. Malini Reddy, Associate Professor, Urban Governance, ASCI Topics & Speakers in this session are: E Waste Recycling by Dr. Lakshmi Raghupathy, ex Director, MEOF - GOI Low Value Plastics Waste to Fuel / Energy by Mr. Sampath Director, Pyrogreen Energy Private Ltd. Animal Waste Management by Dr. M. Muthu Kumar, National Research Centre on Meet Case Study of Waste to Energy, Jabalpur Plant by Mr. V. Ravi Shankar, VP, Hitachi, Zorsen, India. Organic and Food Waste to Biogas by Prof. G. Murthy, Retired, Andhra University 3.20 pm - 3.50 pmTea Break 3.50 pm - 6 pm Technical Session 3 Chaired by Ms. Aqeela Siddiqui, NSWAI Southern Chapter Topics and speakers in the session are: Municipal Solid Waste to Methanol / Ethanol by Mr. T.M. T.M. Murali, Chairperson, FICCI - Telangana Pollution & Emission Control by Mr. D. Narender, Sr. E.E. T.S. PCB Entrepreneurial Aggregation of NSWAI Membership by Mr. Balarama Varanasi, PMP, Founder, Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developed India 2020 Converting Agriwaste to Paper by Mr. Phani Kumar Mantha, Entrepreneur, PMK Global OPC Pvt. Ltd Plastics Waste Management by Mr. Mr. T. K. Bandhopadhyaya, ICPE, Mumbai Green Miiti - Upscaling of Waste by Mr. Nayani Adithya Madhav, Green Waves IFAT International Exhibition by Mr. Bhola Mandal, Business Director, Messe Muenchen India Pvt. Ltd. Cocluding Remarks by Dr. A. K. Sahu, Founder & President, NSWAI Vote of Thanks by Mr. S. Sampath, Chairman, NSWAI, Southern Chapter

  • Innovations in Women Enterprises

    Seminar Hall

    This is a joint event of 100 Women entrepreneurs of Hyderabad & Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developed India 2020 & Pendekanti Institute of Management Agenda 10 am - 10.30 am Free Registration, Networking & Tea 10. 30- 10.45 Welcome address by Mr. G. Samuel, Director, Pendekanti Institute of Management 10.45- 11 am Address by Dr. Bhavannarayana, Incharge principal and Professor of Pendekanti Institute of Management 11 am - 11.30 am Address by the Guestsbof Honor I) Mr. Y. Karthika Subrahmanya Sharma, Entrepreneur ii) Mrs. Niranjani Sotala, Manjari Group 11.30 am- 12 pm Globalization Support through Co incubation Ecosystem by Er. Balarama Varanasi, PMP, Founder, Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developed India 2020 & Globalization consultant, US Global business forum (www.usgbf.com ) 12 pm- 12.15 pm Women Entrepreneurship by Mr. Spurgeon, Nodal Officer, Institution's Innovation Council @ Vasavi College of Engineering 12.15 pm - 1 pm Panel Discussion I on "Leadersdhip challenges to women run enterprises" Moderated by Mr. Kapildeev, International media personality. Panelists i) Mrs. Babita Taneja, Vibes Slimming Center ii) Ms. Alka Manoj, Fashion Designer, iii) Mrs. Amulya Reddy, Color Me Mine ( Pottery Painting Studio) iv) Deepti Upadhayay, IT Entrepreneur 1 pm - 1.30 pm Panel Discussion 2 on "Empowerment and Economic growth of Women " hosted by Radio Jockey Hari Priya Panelists i) Madhavi Karra, Advocate ii) Pinkey Agarwal, Purple Feathers ( Clothing designer studio) iii) Soumya and Suchitra from Tata Strive Foundation Acknowledgement of Sponsors Vote of thanks National Anthem

  • Innovative Funding & Marketing Support for Startups, Academia and MSMEs

    Seminar Hall, Pendekanti Institute of Management

    I. Executive Summary: This Free 3-hour meetup presents Innovative Ideas for getting funding and marketing support for the activities of Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Trainers and Startups, Academic Institutions , Small and Medium Enterprises, and Alumni Associations. Lunch follows. Agenda: i) ( 10 am - 10.30) Participants' Introduction ii) (10.30-am 10.40 am) Orientation to Marketing Innovation Council at Pendekanti Institute of Management & Invitation to Associate by Dr. Bhavannarayana, President, Institution's Innovation Council, PIM. iii) (10.40 am - 11 am) Converting your Network into Networth through Teaming Agreements and the vision of Globalization Consultancy by Mr. Balarama Varanasi, PMP, Founder, Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developd India 2020 iv) ( 11 am - 11. 20 am ) Practical insights on how Teaming Agreements and Globalization Consultancy are help the Medium Enterprises into Globally Connected Medium Enterprises Mr.Kapildeev, Founder, EYug Enterprise v) (11.20 am- 11.30 am) Mudra loans for Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, and MSMEs by Ms. Saritha Arcot, Senior Manager, Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC), East Maredpally vi) (11.30 am - 12.30 pm) Panel Discussion on Associating with Innovative Funding and Marketing Support Ecosystem Panelists: i) Principal, PIM ii) Dr. Bhavannarayana iii) Mr. Balarama Varanasi iv) Ms. Saritha Arcot Anchor: Mr. Kapildeev Anchor interacts with the panelists to elicit details of association & moderates Interactive Q& A session with the panelists. vii) ( 12.30 pm- 12.50 pm) Support for the Enthusiasts of Teaming Agreements with PIM, Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developd India 2020 & EYug Enterprise viii) (12.50 pm - 1 pm) Vote of Thanks ix) (1 pm - 2 pm) Lunch x) ( 2 pm- 3 pm) Brainstorming Session on the plan for future activities by the Signatories of Teaming Agreements III. Meetup Outcomes: i) Certificates of Association will be given to the individuals and enterprises signing the teaming agreements. ii) Certificate of participation or association will be provided to the resources from the Institutions Innovation Council of other colleges. iii) Each of the Associates will share their vision, mission and activities and the network of their influence, the support they request from the Marketing Innovation Council at PIM, Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developd India 2020 or EYug Enterprise in the post lunch brainstorming session IV. Target Audience: i) Resources from the Institution's Innovation Councils of other colleges. ii) Faculty of engineering and management colleges iii) Entrepreneurs seeking idea to entrepreneurship support iv) Founders Micro, Small and Medium enterprises seeking affordable Consultancy and support services for improving their global competitive advantage v) Trainers seeking marketing support vi) Consultants interested in associating with the Innovation councils of Engineering and Management colleges.

  • Project Management Consultancy Career Orientation

    The English Tree in Mehdipatnam

    - Learn about the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA (www.pmi.org ) - Learn about the popular Project Management credentials offered by PMI, USA, namely Certified Associate in ProjectManagement (CAPM (R)) & Project Management Professional (PMP (R)) - Learn how Project Management is being used to improve the resource utilization rate of the training institutions in general - Learn the Project Management Association opportunity with English Tree - Learn the Consultancy Career Development Support Services offered by our Forum The English Tree is a spoken English institution affiliated to our Forum. We are currently offering Project Management Association opportunity for 20 enthusiasts on the first come first serve basis which enables them to earn by organizing our meetup in various colleges and assisting in reconcilng the aspirations of the students and finding those who are interested in the services offered by our affiliated Enterprises.

  • Startup - Academia Networking: Innovations, Investment Inclusion & Outreach

    Seminar Hall, Pendekanti Institute of Management

    This event provides collaboration platform for the startups, micro, small and medium enterprises seeking the support services of academic institutions and alumni associations & academic institutions that wish to offer advisory, consultancy and apprenticeship support Agenda: i) Introduction of the participants and their interst in association (30 min) ii) "Orientation to Innovation Management" by Dr. Bhavannarayana, Professor of Marketing at Pendekanti Institute of Management and offer of Academic Advisory and Consultancy Support ( 15 min) iii) Consultancy Development Support for Students and Graduates by Mr. Balarama Varanasi, PMP ( 30 min ) - How project management credentials offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA (www.pmi.org ) support scalable global enterprise structuring - How global business and investment meets of US Global business forum ( www.usgbf.com ) support investment inclusion. - Details of upcoming business and investment meet of US Global business forum on September 29, 2018 in Los Angeles, USA - Details of planned visit of Mr. Kevin Kaul, founder of US Global business forum to Hyderabad iv) Questions & Answers & Networking (40 min) Requested Participants i) Startups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ii) Franchisers & Real Estate Companies seeking global business and investment iii) Faculty of Engineering & Management Colleges seeking industry experts iv) Enthusiasts of Consultancy, Entrepreneurship and Franchising

  • Goal Setting for Consultants and Entrepreneurs

    - Balarama Varanasi explains how Consultants and Entrepreneurs can benefit from our global business liaising service and investment liaising service, and local business associates liaising service and project investment liaising service. - Balarama Varanasi explains how business associates can address the network development challenge better than the salaried employees. - Featured Master Trainer Brig. Sushil Bhasin explain the importance of goal setting for the Consultants and Entrepreneurs. - Brig. Sushil Bhasin invites some participants to articulate their aspirations and explains how to goal setting tools will help them realize their visions. - Brig. Sushil Bhasin provides a preview of his upcoming Goal Setting Workshop at Amar's Penseive on June 30th and July 1st. - Balarama Varanasi offers the support services of Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developd India 2020 for the Consultants and Entrepreneurs. This seminar is designed for the experts in technology and global standards who are negatively impacted by the recent slowdown in the indian IT industry due to the additional regulations in America on the corporate outsourcing paradigm. If you have studied, worked or lived in America and wish to contribute your expertise for extending the global outsourcing industry to micro, small and medium enterprises of India and America, we provide an ideal platform for addressing your challenges. If you are an Entrepreneur who dreams of building your global enterprise from Hyderabad, India and wish to see the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem strenghened or if you have ideas and expertise for strengthening the Ecosystem, we provide the ideal platform.

  • Goal Setting for Business Associates & Training Associates

    - We explain how the Entrepreneurs and Startups can benefit from Business Association with established organizations in promoting services with the existing demand to learn and improve their business closure skills - We also explain how the Traing Associates could improve their Presentation Skills and Activity Organizing Skills by assisting Master Trainers - Orientation to Goal Setting by Master Trainer Brig. Sushil Bhasin, who is the featured guest. - Reconciliation of the Future Plans and Aspirations of the Participants by Master Trainer Brig. Sushil Bhasin. - Preview and Salient Features upcoming Goal Setting Workshop at Amar's Penseive on June 3oth & July 1st by Brig. Sushil Bhasin. - Invitation for Business Association & Training Association with Master Trainer Brig. Sushil Bhasin. - Invitation for Business Association & Training Association with Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developd India 2020 by Balarama Varanasi Networking Tea & Samosa will be served. If you are your own boss, goal setting will help you master the self discipline essential for realizing your goals and objectives in a timely manner without frustration. If you have made presentation of your products and services to several prospects but somehow find it difficult to close the business deal, business association will help you close the gaps in your comprehension of the sales process and to team up with others who complement your skills. If you aspire to be a corporate trainer, training association with the Lead Facilitator will help you acquire the training and survival skills necessary.

  • Alternative Career Development Opportunities Overview & Networking

    Corporates do not recruit the graduates who don't have 60% and those who have backlogs. Colleges only provide corporate recruitment training. i) We provide the overview of how learning and earning opportunities can be shown for the youth through Enterprise Development Project Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Development Project Management, Enterprise Development Project Leadership, and Enterprise Development Project Consultancy paradigms. ii) The featured expert guest who will nspire and motivate the participants through his 20 min address is Mr. Sanjay Gadhalay, who is alumus of the premiere national Institutes for technology and management, namely IIT Bombay and IIM Bangalore. He will explain the challenges of complex change management with an insightful matrix. He will also explain the essence of skills based volunteering and the skills necessary to excel in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) World. iii) Networking - As the session starts with the networking, followed by our address and followed by the grand finale with the inspiring address of Mr. Ramesh Vemuganti, participants are requested to be on time. This meetup is ideal for the recent graduates seeking guidance for their first career, experienced professionals seeking training and consultancy development support after the successful corporate career, faculty and principals of the colleges. Kindly attend and benefit. Forward this meetup to your friends who can benefit Invite us for a joint meetup with your college or any college you care about in the city where you work.

  • Entrepreneurial Idea Generation & Networking Meetup

    91 Springboard

    i) Startups, Successful Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship Enthusiasts will share their ideas. ii) Participants learn the support services offered by TEZ and receive sample demonstration of customized mentoring. iii) Participants learn the vision of enterprise development project entrepreneurship model, and the support services of Leaders & Enterprises Aspiring Developd India 2020 iv) Sample customized mentoring how participants can benefit v) Informal networking among the participants Please forward the message to your friends from above categories.