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The Leadership Learning Series will focus on developing various leadership competencies in individual in various roles to help them excel in professional and personal scenarios. The three foundational competencies that will we will be focusing on are

1. Playing three distinct roles daily and sometimes hourly.

• The roles are leader, manager, and follower.

• Leaders must know what role they should be in.

• They must have a “mental model” of what success looks like in that role.

• They must know the sequence and order of when to be in which role.

2. Dealing with the constant inconsistencies within the organization.

• A misapplication of your role may block your view to resolving an inconsistency.

• Leaders must learn to get out of their own way sometimes.

3. Knowing where the “point of the sword” (where the work is being accomplished) is.

• Leaders must understand that the role they are in will affect where the point of the sword should be placed.

They must know what it takes to keep the sword sharp so that it does exactly, not more or less, but exactly what it is supposed to do.

These three competencies will help leaders only if they have built a foundation of integrity, courage, commitment, and passion because without these characteristics in the leader’s foundation, not much will help them become more effective, efficient, or successful.

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