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You desire leadership that is people focused. Leadership that drives change, forges new paths and inspires passion. You want to effectively influence, and create authentic, people focused relationships. You want leadership that sees people operating as the best version of themselves.

You want Leadership of Awesome.

Join us and be a part of a meetup that explores Leadership of Awesome. We hail from the tech industry, so that’s our starting point. Together, we will experiment and explore how we can uplift leadership and effectively influence across our organisations. Our people are amazing, so let us be the leaders that know how to get them to the next level.

Let’s make it happen.

Check out our website (http://leadershipofawesome.com) and message Dan Harper to be included in our Slack account (https://leadershipofawesome.slack.com).

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Servant Leadership + Cake (it's our birthday!)

MYOB Richmond Office

Topic: Servant leadership is a leadership style that focuses on the development of others as opposed to a charisma-driven, leader-centric approach. Come and learn how to flip your leadership paradigm and make yourself a better leader by growing others. Spoiler alert: there will be birthday cake! Speaker bio: Mulyadi is a leadership researcher who has spent the last decade working on empirically validating and understanding how good leadership approaches impact people, teams, and organisations. He has consulted for a range of organisations, from not for profits to SMEs, and worked for at Australia's leading universities such as Monash University and the Centre for Workplace Leadership at The University of Melbourne. He is currently a senior lecturer and program director for the Master of Leadership at Alphacrucis College, and is part of the team that is supporting the College's application to be a University in the next five years. He loves his coffees, guitars, and cameras too! Format: 6:00PM - Networking, chat, food, drinks 6:30PM - Speaker 7:00PM - Break into discussion groups, led by facilitators, speaker will give topic to discuss 7:45PM - Come back as a group, one person from each group can share with everyone the gems from the discussion 8:00PM - End

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How to Work With Controlling People


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