Next Meetup

Too often we are “doing work” week in and week out. The unfortunate part is we can end up “feeling in the grind” and having no idea if we are on the right track. This meetup aims to be a quiet vision-focused work shop for people that attend. LOGISTICS: It will be in the House Gallery Of The Colorado State Capital Building (this is on the THIRD FLOOR of the Capital Building look for “HOUSE GALLERY” doors) MAKE SURE TO BRING: A computer AND/OR something to write with. FIRST: The first 0 to 10 minutes will be for walking in and meeting. SECOND: Each attendee will be spending 15 minutes writing and dialing in their vision (either personal or professional) THIRD: A small 5-minute break to talk amongst different people in attendance FOURTH: Each attendee will take 15 minutes to take an action to make your vision real. Too often visions don’t get action and we aim to change that. FIFTH: Meeting is done! Feel free to go back to your office or feel free to talk with other individuals at the meeting!

Needs a location