What we're about

This group was created to bring awareness and promote interest in our PROFESSIONAL SORORITY...Phi Alpha Xi Sorority, Inc.

Our purpose is to create LIFELONG bonds among like minded professional women. What do we mean by professional???? You have specialized training in your career field. This included but is not limited to Accountants, Educators, those in the Medical Profession, Corporate America, Entrepreneurs, etc. We all have something to give and what with each other!

This group is for any woman, 30+ who wants a true bond. Maybe you never had many female friends and are looking for one now. Perhaps many of your friends have moved away or gotten married and you don't have that "girl friend" anymore. Whatever your reason, you're welcome here. Our group is created to grow our sisterhood with phenomenal women. We are Phi Alpha Xi Sorority, Inc. A non-collegiate organization. Meaning, we aren't affiliated with any college or university. Having a college degree or attending college is not a requirement.

We are looking for women who honestly want to form life-long bonds. No matter where they are in life. They don't consider themselves too old to make a new friend. They're open to the possibility of meeting other women and creating bonds. We want women who are passionate about something in life. We're looking for women who enjoy giving back and serving their community.

There is no judgement among us. We love each other as we are. We are listening ears and shoulders to cry on and we are here to build each other up. Our organization is trying to bond women across the state of Virginia regardless of color, profession, sexual orientation. Please reach out and show your interest. We look forward to meeting you!

Lastly PLEASE PLEASE take time to research us. Simply Google Phi Alpha Xi Sorority, Inc.

Lastly, please note the location of the group may change to allow for other Virginia women to see the group and join.

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