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We love modern board games! We are looking for other gamers who share our enthusiasm for the hobby and anyone who might want to try out new games.

Our group has diverse tastes in all sorts of games: euro games (Puerto Rico, Terra Mystica, 7 Wonders), Ameritrash (Eldritch Horror, Comic Encounter, Chaos in the Old World), card games (Dominion, Tichu), social deduction (The Resistance, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong), co-op (Pandemic, Ghost Stories) and lots more. If you are unfamiliar with these types of games we have experienced gamers who are ready to teach and will have you playing in no time.

You are welcome to bring your own games and our members have hundreds of different games from which to choose.

Our events are all alcohol-free. We welcome all levels of gamers: from the brand new to the hardcore.

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Temperance Game Day!

Bristol Public Library

Open gaming: Bring any games you want to play. You don't have to bring anything at all as we'll be bringing lots of different games to play from our collection. If you have any requests for any game you would like to play you can leave a comment and one of our members might be able to bring it if they have it. If you have any questions or need directions feel free to contact Michelle or Aaron. Adults and teens only (13 or older). RSVP is required. This meet up is from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm Parking for the event is available all around the library building, the closest parking for this event is around the back of the building where the meeting room entrance is. This entrance is a double door that goes directly into the meeting room section. After entering that door, the game room is on the left. The meeting room doors will be locked after 6:00 and if you arrive late you will need to call or text the number on the sign to gain entry. Try to arrive on time if possible, otherwise you may have to wait for others to finish a game before starting a new one. Thanks and we hope to see you there! All of our events are completely free but we do accept donations through the Meetup Chip In option, Paypal (just click PayPal.Me/leagueofgamers or in person to help cover various costs (Meetup fees, snacks, etc).

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High Voltage Game Day! 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Bristol Public Library

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