What we're about

Lean Content is about maximizing impact with minimal resources through content. See videos and presentations of our San Francisco Meetup here (http://leancontent.it).

The concept of “lean content” is an evolution of content development and content marketing strategies. Lean Content focuses on developing value-adding, modern web media around a central thematic element as defined by a content strategy. What is produced can be translated across media types (ex. A blog can turn into an infographic, into a podcast) and distributed effectively and efficiently with specific focus on the social web and strategic communications.

Lean Content focuses on creating an environment of experimentation and a tight feedback loop around the central brand thematic element, and through trial and error, performance measurement, and iteration creates an authentic, connected set of brand communications. Lean Content places priority on the development of content that performs well on the social web and viral internet environments over traditional content types (white papers, data sheets, etc). The marketing of content developed with the Lean mentality also leverages modern web practices, including social media marketing, community content marketing, external placement, SEM, creative email marketing, and content curation.

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