Episode 47 – Lean Innovation at Deutsche Bahn


It's been almost a year since I hopped on a train in Mannheim heading west. My travel app from Deutsche Bahn suddenly surprised me by offering a "comfort check-in" that freed me from having to show my ticket.

I then noticed two further things: The feature was in test mode as I didn't find it on any other train connection I used. And even more surprisingly, the ticket inspectors were all very well aware of this new digital functionality and while they checked all other passengers' tickets, I could keep working, reading or even sleeping undisturbed. Over the past months, I've seen the functionality evolve in user experience. The whole thing feels like a perfect implementation of the Lean Innovation Playbook :-)

So, here's our highlight talk for this months (unusually scheduled) Lean Startup Meetup:

Lean Innovation at Deutsche Bahn - Marc Balzerowski & Jan Berg

Imagine you are a giant organization running services for basically everyone living in or travelling to Germany. Your organization is composed of specialized suborganizations (e.g. long-distance travel vs. local traffic) that each have their own history and legacy. And your job is to innovate in that environment as if you were a startup.

Marc and Jan are going to share how they have successfully created customer value with a customer-centric and test-driven approach from early testing to scaling it further.

....and - as always - you will meet other lean startup practitioners and find a great network to share your own experiences :-)