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Lean Startup Meet Up @ Downtown Toronto
* To be facilitated in a couple months. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to join Toronto's Lean Startup Community


A group of intellectual & creative talents with BIG ideas, dreams & actions * Innovating for Global Impacts & Social Good ! *


Lean Startup Methodology; Agile Software Development; TED--Ideas Worth Spreading; Think-Act-Change with Technologies, Innovations & Crowd intelligence (TACTIC).

The Art of Start; Growing Your Business, Social Innovation & Global Impacts; Professional Development; International/Social Entrepreneurship; Networking & Socializing.

Who we are:

We are entrepreneurs & dreamers who like to change the world. One of the Major Lean Startup Circles in North America. A group of creative minds that are not just aspiring to profits, but also generate positive impacts to the society and world.

What we do:

We'll learn, discuss, and apply the Lean Startup methodology. Share experience, knowledge, and peer supports. Brainstorm & exchange expertise/service/thoughts. Aggregate resources/efforts/talents to create something BIG. Make a fortune while changing the world for better. Facilitate workshops and FREE networking & socializing events,

What to expect out of this group:

• Meet like-minded people; Learn the lean startup approach; Establish yourself as a lean leader in the community

• Build up your business through lean principals & practice, Join a think tank or lean project of interest

• Find partners or co-founders, Connect to mentors or masterminds; Build your own team or creative circle out of it

• Start your LEAN PROJECT & gain supports or participants from our community; Create something nice and disruptive

• Make a change to the society/world, your own life or the enterprise you work for

• Work together on a couple lean projects that would greatly benefit Torontonians--Welcome to propose one & make it happen!

* We may as well join force and have fun in the process, while making some smart friends as a side product :)


** Business + Ideas + Growth --> Something BIG **

We will facilitate brainstorming and creation activities where we talk about things that we want to make/enable (products/services/projects/institutions) and collaborate on making them happen.

It's a great chance to give your brain a full-neuron workout and meet others who like to think, imagine, and solve problems. You should join if you enjoy thinking, imagining, solving problems in your daily life (personal or professional) and crave a venue where you can let loose, have fun wit, and meet like-minded individuals.

You are also invited to take some time from our sessions to present your work-in-progress to receive constructive feedback and assistance in building out.

Sharing of a nice TED talk:

"How to build your creative confidence" by David Kelley

For any inquiries, please reach out to the Co-Organizer.
* Lean Startup is a trademark of Eric Ries.

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