• Demo again: Making a Website in 15 Minutes and Marketing Online

    Many people who weren't able to come to previous presentation asked me to make one again, so I'm scheduling one more this Tuesday. This will be the same presentation as last time, so come if you missed it. Once again, the agenda is: Making a beautiful, functional website requires hundreds of dollars or years of technical experience - but we can show you another way. During our presentation we'll cover some of the most up-to-date tools and techniques to create websites, manage online content, online advertising, social campaigns, and SEO, and outsource custom web projects. Presentation is targeted towards startup businesses.

  • Getting Business Online Fast - Lean Tools and Marketing for Startups

    While we're working on reviving the Lean Startup Weekends (and we are!), I want to invite everyone to a presentation where I will demonstrate a very important skill for a lean startup: how to make a website for $10-50 You have probably noticed that during every weekend we would always create a new website, in a couple of hours. During my presentation I'll show you how it's done, and what other important technical tips every Lean Startup needs to follow. Short agenda - Which websites can be made for cheap? - When should WordPress be used? - How much should you pay for SEO and where to hire someone? - When and how to hire a developer/designer? - 5 main marketing channels for leads and conversions to your website - organic, paid ads, social media, referrals and offline - Networking and free food I'll be there to answer questions about the presentation and next LSW. Hope to see you there!

  • Lean Startup Weekends 2.0 - Live the Startup Life

    Lean Startup Crazy Coworking Spot

    Reviving LSW to be better, more efficient and commitment-focused. You are invited to hear amazing success stories and amazing failures of the Lean Startup community. Free pizza :) Pitches and work will happen after the talking part. The event is hosted LSW's new headquarters - the Lean Startup Crazy Coworking Spot.

  • Lean Startup Weekend #10: Pitch, Pivot and Be Productive

    Welcome to the 10th Lean Startup Weekend, where you’ll go from being a room full of strangers talking about ideas to being business partners with a solid production plan in less than 48 hours. Sounds crazy? We make it happen every 2 weeks! This time we will be changing it up a bit from our previous events: Instead of starting first thing Saturday morning, we will start the discussion and pitching Friday evening, and wake up refreshed and excited to spend Saturday validating and developing the project. We look forward to seeing you Friday! Pitch, validate, pivot – the goal is to always keep the customer in mind. Before you even have a product, we ask: What does customer want? How can we reach them? We will push your team towards making sales one step at a time, whether it’s by making a website, reaching directly out to people on the street, contacting large businesses, creating promotional materials, you name it. We take pride in the fact that each startup coming out of the weekend is totally different each time, and our team is here for guidance even after the weekend is over. We’re planning on this being on this being the best LSW yet, so whether you’re a returning startup project member or you’re brand new to the experience – join in!

  • Pitch, Validate and Create: Starting New Businesses and Building on Old Ones

    The last Lean Startup Weekend took us into unknown territory - creating a promotional video for the product. ( http://www.collabowrites.com ) Let's see what this event will bring... Get ready to start a business in one weekend! We start off by pitching ideas, picking the best ones as a group, and validating. Then the real work begins as we kick off the business and do as much as we can to push it forward before Sunday evening! After the weekend, you can contribute only as much as you are able to, with nothing more required than a $20.00 initial investment. We offer support until the ideas either fail or start making money, and if the idea is successful, everyone on the team benefits. All are welcome, whether you have a lot of experience or are looking for learning opportunities, as long as you have a desire to work with your team and make something happen! We are also looking for team members on some of our other projects, so if you hear about something that you would really like to get involved in, join in!

  • Brainstorm, learn, measure, build, make money



    LeanWeekends are about combining our professional strengths to build and develop businesses at a ridiculously fast pace. Our process is simple: • Every two weeks we create a new business (how? (http://www.leanweekends.com)) • We support all businesses created until they either fail or start making money • If you like one of our business initiatives and you're willing to contribute - JOIN IT. Once you work on the project, you get ownership (aka equity) of it. Are we giving away business ownership to just anybody? Yes, sort of: to anybody who contributes. What's going to happen this weekend? • Those who want to challenge themselves and experience Lean Startup methodologies in practice - prepare to work Saturday morning to Sunday night. We'll show how a business is created over the weekend. You're not required to have business or tech skills, an idea or more than 20$ in investments. All those things are unnecessary. • If you like one of the existing projects (planting trees (http://mypersonaltree.com), selling walls (http://www.alphawalls.com), or wine accessories (http://www.degravitystand.com)), the teams are going to be there. Join the businesses, start getting money from it the next day. • If you have a cool idea - come and pitch it. If everyone likes it, we'll make it over the weekend • If you only have time to come in for a couple of hours - totally do that. We have a very strong network of business professionals, join it. Networking is the key to our progress, and people are our greatest asset • If you have questions, call Yaroslav at [masked] In other words, everybody welcome!

  • Accelerating existing projects/starting new ones. Everybody welcome!

    We've made awesome progress! We've created enough projects for our current teams to be crazy busy, and we're inviting YOU to join one of our existing enterprises (especially www.alphawalls.com (http://www.alphawalls.com/)). Or you can create an idea of your own - we'll show you that starting a business in one weekend is a piece of cake! Existing teams will use this weekend to share ideas and make a new breakthrough in their project development - to get more customers and develop revenue. For new members - if you're joining a project or creating a new one, it's $20 (now in cash). For existing members the event is free - please RSVP. If you just want to check it out - come at any time, it's free. Everyone get ready to work hard, and make something happen! More info - www.leanweekends.com (http://www.leanweekends.com/) and http://www.facebook.com/LeanStartupWeekends

  • Create a new business over the weekend!



    Following up the amazing LSW Recapped event, we're continuing to start businesses every two weeks! Everybody is welcome! No tech skills required, all you need is to have a passion to create value and master your skills. We hope to see people who were excited about the projects we showcased at our last event, and to have new people joining us as well! Bad news though: no free pizza this time :P

  • Lean Startup Weekends Recapped


    This is the first of our Lean Startup Weekends RECAPPED! What does this mean? First of all, it's FREE. Why? Because this time we're not starting up new projects. Instead, we are recapping the 5 businesses we have so far, and making some decisions on where to go from here: My personal tree ( http://www.mypersonaltree.com ) Alpha walls ( http://www.alphawalls.com ) deGravity ( http://www.degravitystand.com ) DoorZilla ( http://www.doorzilla-app.com ) WallBars (descriptions for clients here (http://dev.effix.ca/files/WallBars.pdf)) We are inviting team members from all of these projects, and welcome you to join us in helping these businesses grow! We will have an open discussion about what we have learned thus far from being lean with our projects, covering off where we could have done better, discuss aspects that need improvement and share our experiences. We'll make decisions on which projects should be followed up on and discuss the best strategies for moving forward. Speakers In addition to recapping our 5 businesses, we also have a few speakers who will be giving tips on marketing, social media and tech tips for startups! This will be happening on Saturday afternoon. Traviss Corry (Managing Director, INcubes) Traviss is a co-founder and the Managing Director of INcubes, one of Canada's leading early-phase internet business accelerators. At INcubes he mentors startup teams towards product launch and the raising of investment capital. Traviss advises ventures on their business development and technical development plans, as well as the due diligence and other process needed to raise venture capital and other seed financing. Lyndon Johnson (CEO, Think Differently) Lyndon is the CEO of startup PR and marketing services company THINK DIFFERENT[LY]. He mentors INcubes’ Startup Founders how to use the right PR to deliver the right message to the right audience. Lyndon believes that PR is an essential part of developing the personal brand of Startup founders & the corporate image an early stage company. Lyndon encourages INcubes startup founders to think differently about every aspect of their communications activity. Lyndon is a broadcaster-turned-PR with more than 15 years experience helping businesses to achieve their commercial goals. Mark Freeman (Editor-In-Chief, Everybody Has A Brain) Mark is the Editor-in-Chief of Everybody has a Brain, an online community with over 200,000+ followers across Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter devoted to generating dialogue around proactive approaches to improving and maintaining great mental health. Yaroslav Tretyakov (Founder, Lean Startup Weekends) Yaroslav is a developer/entrepreneur with a great passion for technology and business. Over last 6 years he was involved in more than 15 business projects, 2 of which turned out to be significant successful businesses. Yaroslav currently works in Capital IQ, a subdivision of Standard and Poor's, developing a web-based application to automate risk assessment of investment into portfolios consisting of a diverse set of financial instruments. Everybody is welcome to join our workshop about real-life quick product launching. We're open to hear everybody's input on our achievements, and with your help we hope to extract valuable lessons from what we've done so far. We will also have coffee in the morning, pizza at lunch and lots of networking opportunities! On Sunday, our existing project teams will work on follow-up steps to the projects we have, and we invite anyone who is interested in joining us to reach out and discuss! For more information about our Lean Startup Weekends, check out www.leanweekends.com (http://leanweekends.com).

  • 2 days = 1 complete business = Endless possibilities



    And here goes round 4! We are starting to form a core team, which helps us to solve tasks quicker (we actually started learning something:)). Mb this time we'll be able to push out 2 projects if we get enough people. Ideas from last time were so awesome that mb we'll consider working on some of them if we invalidate everything we'll come up with next weekend. Get all your enthusiasm and join us to start more businesses!