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Alla Zollers Presents: Are You Designing Your Professional Relationships?

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Our job is to be professional communicators. We communicate our thought process through our deliverables, we work to get buy-in for our solutions, we advocate for the end-user, and often act as the translator between the end-user, the business, and development. The biggest challenge that we face as professionals is that our communication is not always effective.

When communication breaks down, confusion and resistance emerge. You suddenly find yourself feeling frustrated, not heard or valued. The key is to set yourself up for success by explicitly designing your relationships with clients, stakeholders, managers, and co-workers. Regardless of your role—be it consultant, agency, or in-house—good working relationships are vital to your success.

The purpose of designing the relationship is to:
• Establish an alliance
• Create a safe space for communication to occur
• Gain mutual trust
• Empower each other and understand how best to work together

In this talk, I will present invaluable exercises, scripts, and questions that you can use to:
• Get out of your own way
• Identify your core values so that you are able to communicate your needs to others and request the same in return
• Vet the next job or project to make sure that its the right fit for you
• Design a relationship with every person on your team—from manager to co-worker—to ensure that you are empowered to do your job and set yourself up for success.

About Alla Zollers:
Alla is a passionate UX consultant and coach. She helps companies, teams and individuals achieve greater clarity, meaning, performance and success. Alla has eight years of experience in the UX field helping companies with the entire design process, from discovery research to strategy, wireframe design and evaluation. Alla is also a certified coach who helps to wake you up to your life so that you don’t just live the length of your life but the width and depth of it as well.