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[New Date] Mixing Lean UX and Agile Development w/ Courtney Hemphill

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What are we going to do? Using case studies and learnings from past experience, Courtney Hemphill ( of Carbon Five ( will walk us through the weekly cadence that they use at Carbon Five for product development. This methodology and its activities establish a sustainable culture of integrated and invested teams that are able to communicate across disciplines in a meaningful way. The result of creating this type of culture via cadence allows our teams to put new features in front of users each week for validation and hence move the product closer to its market fit faster.

Our Presenter Courtney Hemphill is a Lead Developer at Carbon Five in San Francisco, CA. Over the past 10+ years, Courtney has used Agile and Lean techniques in a wide variety of web and mobile projects for clients including SFMOMA, Skype, Sharethrough, and BookRenter. She organizes events with Women Who Code and RailsBridge in San Francisco.

Join us for an evening of creativity and learning! Food and beverages sponsored by Flowcon 2013 (

This is a FREE meetup event sponsored by Flowcon 2013 ( Lean UX SF members will receive a $50 discount ($500 value) with discount code leanuxsf2013.