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What are the most important skills you should be working on as a designer? What are the tools you should be using? (hint: it's not Photoshop or Sketch)

“Mindfulness, Soft-Skills and Design” with Keith Robinson

In this talk, Keith Robinson will cover a few things he thinks every designer—and humans in general—should be practicing so they can do their best work.

About Keith:

Keith is a designer living in San Francisco working as a Principal Product Designer for Salesforce, and most recently at Heroku. Previously he was the Director of User Experience at and Owner/Creative Director for Seattle-based Blue Flavor.

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“The Experiment Mindset” with Mike Long

Mike Long is Lead Product Designer at Neo SF and organizer of Lean UX SF.

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“Avoid the hotdog problem and other key soft skills for great designers” with Andy Pratt

Andy has over fifteen years of experience creating award-winning interactive media. He is an Executive Creative Director for Favorite Medium, a global design and technology agency with offices in Seoul and Singapore. Andy is part of a team heading up their new operations in San Francisco. Andy is the co-author and co-designer of Interactive Design: An Introduction to the Theory and Application of User-Centered Design (, it’s aimed at college students and young professionals. It’s available in six languages.

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“Work at the Spark Layer” with Andi Plantenberg

Andi Plantenberg has been working with fortune brands and visionary startups since the mid 1990's. In 2000 she founded a digital agency which boasted deep tech DNA and high-end creative execution. It was in that 11-year role as chief creative where she realized small, interdisciplinary teams are able to create superior products in a fraction of the time. Andi continues that vision at Neo. Andi likes to paint, look through telescopes, and play drums.

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