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"Lean Agile Insights" is a monthly Meetup, a forum for lean agile practitioners, leaders, coaches, students, and lifelong learners to come together, share and learn. The organizers are dedicated to ever improving the development of technology-based products and services, teaching Scrum and agile at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension (www.ucsc-extension.edu). Everyone in Silicon Valley now talks of Scrum and agile as givens. Are they truly, or is there much "sino" (Scrum in name only) with little value delivered and slowly? And is everyone actively participating, or are products completed only to languish on the shelves? In 2019, we endeavor to tighten the focus on value realization, helping everyone reach the "state of agile".

The monthly "Lean Agile Insights" Meetup is gracefully supported by and hosted at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension, 3175 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054, in principle every 3rd Tuesday each month, at 6:30pm to 9:00pm.

The monthly "Lean Agile Insights" Meetup typically features an inspiring Guest Speaker, vigorous Participant interactions, and ample opportunities to connect and mingle over light food and beverages. Sponsors will be highlighted online, on marketing materials, and at the event: please contact us if your company is interested in sponsorship.

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