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LEAP INNOVATE is a digital learning community that is dedicated to helping business leaders and teams work smarter and faster, by simplifying how they use and adopt new technologies for work. At Leap Innovate, we use the power of innovation to teach gifted business leaders and teams the latest cloud software, digital minimalism, and work-life balance.

Ultimately, our goal is to teach everyone how to make work more fun and productive without being distracted by mobile devices and notifications! We invite you to join our community and help us explore the endless ways of how we can push the boundaries of innovation while keeping technology simple : )


Our community hosts three different events on a monthly and quarterly basis. Each event is geared toward helping business leaders, startups and teams hone different skills in technology, work-life balance, and leadership. Here are our top three community events:

• Learn & Pitch - a monthly event series that offers business leaders and teams a chance to pitch their new business concepts, learn new skills and network.

• Launch & Leap - a quarterly event series where LEAP INNOVATE in house team of talented startup experts and advisers coach new business owners on how to properly launch and scale their business for growth.

• Google Elevate - an event series focusing on teaching business leaders, startups and teams how to better leverage SAAS (Cloud) technologies to balance their life, eliminate meaningless tasks, and increase productivity.

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