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Learn Mandarin Chinese with Wang Laoshi 跟王老师学中文

I am a professional university Chinese language lecturer in one of the world leading universities. My students call me Wang Laoshi (王老师). I am extremely proud that my students are dedicated with Chinese learning and I have been able to keep such a convivial relationship with them. This is a group for my students and anyone interested in learning Mandarin Chinese as a second language. From beginners to advanced levels, all levels are welcome. 欢迎我的学生们和所有中文爱好者加入我们。不管你的水平是初级还是高级,都可以找到相应的课程。

Students levels (these levels might differ from other teachers' judgement):

Beginners' Level is for those who have studied Chinese for at least 20 teaching hours.

Post-beginners' Level is for those who have studied Chinese for at least 40 teaching hours.

Lower Intermediate Level is for those who have studied Chinese for 2 years, or have successfully completed at least 100 teaching hours.

Higher Intermediate Level is for those who have studied Chinese for 3 or 4 years.

Advanced Level is for those who have been learning Chinese for at least 4 years and have been using it in daily life or for work.

Brief Introduction of Wang Laoshi:
I have been teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language at the Imperial College London for over a decade and my students are from all over the world, from zero beginners to advanced speakers. I found myself being attracted to languages and cultures while working as a journalist for the national broadcaster in China and later for the BBC World Service in the UK. My teaching methodology is significantly influenced by Princeton University Mandarin Teaching Methods. This teaching methodology makes classroom teaching a lot of fun and enhances the learning process more effectively whilst applying repetitive exercises to teaching.

I take advantage of my journalistic background and produce a lot of audio-visual materials to assist my teaching and this has been widely welcomed by my students. As a consequence, my students’ pronunciation and intonation is always exceptionally good.

My deep understanding between the languages also drives me to explore not only the subtleties between English and Chinese but also the cultural differences between the East and the West. I naturally impart a lot of Chinese culture elements into my language teaching and make the language learning process more interesting.

Teaching language and culture is my passion and I would love to embark upon this interesting, exciting, and also challenging journey with you, and assist you with my expertise and knowledge.

Please feel free to join Wang Laoshi's Facebook and YouTube channel for more free learning resources.

Wang Laoshi's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wang.laoshi.714

Wang Laoshi's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wanglaoshilondon/

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