What we're about

Want to get serious with learning Dutch and go beyond just basic words and phrases? I will do my best to offer you a serious but stress-free learning experience, with the help of my own material (book and/or worksheets.

The meetups will in the first place revolve around specific chapters of the book. For example, during one meetup we will pay special attention to pronunciation issues, during the other we will talk about different kinds of verbs. Don't worry, various meetups about various chapters will re-occur, so you don't have to miss the boat on one topic or another.

Other Meetups will focus on conversation, reading and discussion and other (vocabulary) topics. All Meetups cost €5.

The overall goal is to increase your awareness and self-reliance in learning Dutch and its grammar.

I am an experienced language tutor with knowledge of many languages (I studied Chinese, German, and a few classical languages at the university) and linguistics. I hope that this Dutch learning community keeps growing, and I hope to combine the best of real-life meetups and online learning (visit my Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/learndutchwell) page!) .

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All about Dutch spelling and pronunciation

Cafe Marktzicht

Prepositions in Dutch (chapter 5)+conversation practice

Cafe Marktzicht