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How to dance with anyone. Without the fear of rejection, insecurity and good ol' liquor courage.

Tired of dancing off beat, feeling stiff, or not knowing how to dance with someone? You can change that now!

Do you spend the majority of your time watching others dance and have fun at the club, spend too much on alcohol in order to have a good time, or worse, deny to dance with others out of fear of being rejected. Men everywhere are relying on fancy cars, clothes and good old liquor courage to have a good time. With Club Dance, you only have to do 2 things. Dance on rhythm and 2 step. These 2 core principles will give you the confidence, skills, and ability to dance with anyone and most importantly increase your sex appeal.


- RHYTHM: Master techniques that will allow you dance to any song! Even the new techno beats.

- STIFFNESS: I will show you how to loosen up so you don't look like you are doing the "robot" the entire time.

- ARM MOVEMENT: Don't know what to do? The techniques I will teach will have you moving your arms to showcase your personality.

- HOW TO DANCE WITH A PARTNER: Dancing with someone can be overwhelming and fearful if you don't know what you are doing? The simple steps you will learn will quickly remove all those insecurities.

If you've tried forums, YouTube (Salsa Dancing tutorials) and realized it doesn't help. Sign-up send me your NAME and EMAIL to get started!

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