Surf Coaching Level 2. Dropping in Open Face Waves. Please RSVP

Learn how to Surf in San Diego
Learn how to Surf in San Diego
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Make sure to read THE WHOLE PAGE. Most of your questions can be answered by reading this page. **Intermediate coaching session held at the lineup ** **VERY IMPORTANT** This coaching session is beyond the Level 1 for beginners. Surfers who can already paddle out on their own to the lineup and demonstrate skills such as avoiding the impact zone, duckdiving, turtle rolls, and going over waves up to 4 feet. You must already be knowledgeable of wave etiquette rules and water safety such as how to avoid your own board from hitting you, avoid collision with others and get out of other surfer's way with complete control of your board. You must have also already mastered surfing the whitewash (foam/broken waves) in the inside with complete control of your board going right and left as well as straight. If you do not have these skills please do not overestimate your ability and sign up for the Level 1 Beginners lesson instead. **WHERE** Coaching takes place anywhere in between Encinitas and Ocean Beach. A message with the location will be sent the day before the lesson to the people who have secured their spot Please have your spot secured 48 hours to avoid this session cancelation before. Making your payment at: or Venmo @Learnhowtosurf *Only two people per session $75/per person (If only one person has signed up) $65/per person (If two people have signed up) Please send your $75 dollar payment when you are the first one to RSVP and if the second person signs up you will be reimbursed $10 dollars. Coaching session will be held with only one person Session will only be held in waves up to 4 feet. If extreme surfing conditions happen on day of the session it will be canceled and you have the choice to reschedule or to receive a full refund. No refunds for no shows. Full refund for cancellations before 48 hours, after 48 hours $30 cancellation fee applies. If you do not have gear, I provide the boards and wetsuits at the beach!! Just message me your height/weight. I also have access to fiberglass shortboards, longboards as well as foamboards. Shoot me a message if you have any board needs. Bring your enthusiasm and a go-for-it attitude. You get the gear brought to you to the beach PLUS a one and a half hour surf lesson for with a world-class water athlete with 30 plus years experience. Avoid the inconvenience of having to get out of your way to go get a rental, bring it to the beach and back to the store. I do it for you!! No gear no worries!! Just show up to the lesson and have fun!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A little background on your surf instructor: -30 plus years experience -5 years experience in teaching close to a thousand surfers -CPR, First Aid and Water Safety Certified -Grew up bodyboarding and surfing in Brazil - Bodyboarded, skimboarded and longboarded world class waves in the North Shore of Hawaii such as Pipeline, Waimea, Sunset, Sandy Beach and Baja Mexico. - Former surf instructor at a surf school in Pacific Beach, San Diego -Former world wide competitor in longboarding, skimboarding, bodyboarding

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