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Spectrum Rehab & Wellness Center

810 Arcturus Drive · Colorado Springs, CO

How to find us

Tell the front desk that you have come for Richard & Debbie's dance classes!

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7:15pm-8:00pm West Coast Swing for beginning to experienced dancers!

Class description:
This class is a continuation of our 6:30pm class. We recommend that attend both classes, but this is not required. Our first class is from 6:30pm-7:15pm and our second class is from 7:15pm-8:00pm. Come to one or both classes, whatever works best for you!

Two levels of classes take place simultaneously; one class is for beginners and the other class is for regularly-attending West Coast Swing students. Each group will be working on patterns that match the level of those that attend. Richard will teach one group and Debbie the other. We encourage everyone to RSVP, so others know you are coming. This promotes gender balance and creates enthusiasm for more meetup members to attend! Scroll down for the cost of our classes. New students get their first 45-minute class free!

Class description for beginning West Coast Swing students:
The beginning class will focus on the basic figures that create the foundation for West Coast Swing. This includes one or more of the following: Sugar Push, Under Arm Pass, Left Side Pass, and Basket Whip. Along with these four basics, common variations may be introduced, such as the Same Side Tuck, Left Spinning Side Pass, Left Side Tuck, Whip Variations, adding leader & follower's turns within the patterns, and more. This class will move at the rate of the students that attend. This class is designed for beginning students, as well as students who may have background in WCS and want to work on improving the basics.

Class description for regular-attending West Coast Swing students:
This class is for students who have been attending our classes regularly and, also, for experienced West Coast Swing dancers. This group will focus on patterns that can be danced socially to any West Coast Swing music. Each month one or more 32-beat patterns will be introduced, along with variations that can be used within that particular pattern. Fancy figures and lead/follow technique will be emphasized. We have lots of fun moves that you will love learning; plus, you'll enjoy this super-fun group of people!


Is previous dance experience necessary? What if I have two left feet?

No previous dance experience is necessary, and you're not alone, all beginners think they have two left feet! We'll make your dance experience fun!

Do I need to have a partner?

Both singles and couples are welcome. You do not need a partner to attend. Just come have fun learning how to dance and making new friends!

What should I wear?

West Coast Swing is a casual dance, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes! Jeans with a fun blouse/shirt are typical. Shoes should be flat or up to a one inch heel. High heels do not work well for West Coast Swing, nor do shoes that do not have backs, such as flip flops. For beginners, tennis shoes or street shoes are just fine.

Where can I practice what I'm learning?
Periodically, we all go out-on-the-town together after class to practice what we have been learning with the local West Coast Swing dancers at a downtown location. These social outings will be announced at our classes.

Additionally, as a group, we attend a variety of venues where you can practice what you have been learning in our West Coast Swing classes and, also, we attend venues for a variety of additional dance styles, such as Argentine Tango and ballroom dance events. Keep watching our calendar or contact us to see where we're going next! And, if you want to learn other dances, ask us for details about our private lessons.

What does it cost?
The first time you come to Spectrum Wellness Center, your first 45-minute class is FREE!

When you come for the first time, be sure to ask the front desk for a pricing plan. You will have a variety of options for paying for classes that range from $5-$8 a class. We recommend that you buy 5 classes for $30 because this way you will get the best deal. Extra discounts are available for full-time students, military personnel, and senior citizens, so be sure to check if you qualify for an additional discount.

Also, for newcomers, we suggest that you arrive 15 minutes ahead of time to fill out the paperwork that Spectrum Wellness Center requires of all its clients. Spectrum is a rehabilation and wellness center that has a spacious, multi-purpose room with a hardwood floor and full length mirrors where we hold all of our group dance classes.

The prices are very reasonable, the facility is awesome, the instruction is high quality, & the classes are lots of fun!

Here is the link for pricing options at Spectrum: