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Welcome to our community.

At some point you'll reflect on your accomplishments while wondering "What now? or "What's next?" whether you are single or in a relationship, with or without children/parents, male or female, or green, red or blue, ageism is realism, and being a wandering generality is not fun.

As we mature you'll find at times the deck is stacked against you in how you are perceived and thus treated, as well as taken advantage of or let slip through the cracks. This group takes back control of who pulls your strings and calls the shots in deciding your outcomes, future and happiness - YOU!


Having built and mentored communities while providing a forum to educate, provide insights, inspire, and help others move from point A to point B, or get unstuck, in their lives, there is nothing more effective than surrounding yourself with those who get it and are willing to help you because they understand we are all in the same boat.

When you can connect and talk without filters, discuss and share life stories, embrace adventure, but most importantly find 'how to' and 'where' while learning and connecting with others who are non-judgmental because they've been there done that or right now going through what you are in the midst of - it's powerful.

Our community is filled with ordinary people like yourself who seek to live extraordinary lives at a time many would write you off or dismiss you because of a time stamp on your birth certificate. We understand what you've gone through, where you're coming from, and support your continued growth to do more with the years ahead instead of rolling over, sitting at home, and vegetating. It's great to take a breath and relax, but also if you're not growing you're dying. Don't let life be the hardening of your attitudes and result in your mental and physical atrophy.


This can and is the most exciting times of your mature life whether it's:

*Emotional, spiritual or physical health,
*Supplementing your income,
*Dealing with aging parents,
*Getting back into the workplace that denies access to the wiser generation,
*Seeking where to find benefits and info to keep you safe, happy and productive in later years,
*Being able to connect with like-minded individuals,
*Finding the juice that excites you, and
*To reinvent yourself or sharpen your skates for the most inspiring and life affirming ride of your new life.


THIS community is for you if you really want it, are willing to connect, share and do what it takes to live not vicariously through others doing what you wish you could but are willing to take life by the reins and control where you chariot is destined. Sometimes it just takes a bit of insight, guidance and encouragement. Through events and online meet-ups we'll connect, we'll gather, and help build a pathway to the rest of your life. To enhance outcomes for our age-centric group, professionals in various fields of expertise, are invited to share need to know inside tricks, tips and processes (both at gatherings and online).

Our community connects online and in person with most of the more frequent gatherings in or near NYC with a big annual event that draws from across the country. Our website is at www.powermastery.com.

We look forward to connecting with you and celebrating your presence on this first day of the rest of your life. ~Carson Tang


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Fall Foliage Walk @ Rockefeller Preserve & World's Longest Haunted Attractions

Rockefeller State Park Preserve - Visitor's Center Parking Lot

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