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Do you have an awesome idea for a startup? It is frustrating to know that you have an amazing idea, yet you don't know what to do to make it happen. Starting a business is a difficult thing to do. When you add the complexity of solving a problems using technology without any experience, it starts to seem impossible.

• Where do I go to learn?
• What should I learn first?
• What should I learn second?
• Which technology should I use?
• How much should hiring someone cost me?
• Should I invest my own money?
• How can I find investors?
• Where can I find a Technical Co-Founder?
• Who will help me with my mistakes?

The list goes on and on. Many people get discouraged and rightfully so. Is it impossible?

It is NOT.

LearnIT BuildIT LaunchIT is for anyone who has a fire burning in your belly to grow and succeed through learning how to solve problems with technology. Do want to figure out what the next logical steps on your journey from idea to successful startup are?

This group will cover a variety of topics. We will show you how to turn your idea into a working piece of software. We will connect you to a vast pool of resources available at each step of way. We will help you learn to code, get investment capital, understand go-to-market strategies, develop your product and much more. We are looking for people who want to make things happen. If you are next great entrepreneur on the east coast tech scene, this meetup's for you.

Just like the name says. We will learnIT. We will buildIT. We will launchIT. Come check us out! We started this group because we want to empower as many people as possible. We will have guest speakers, industry experts, sponsors, giveaways and more.

We can't wait to meet each and everyone of you "Rockstars In The Making"! JP

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