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This is a learning collaborative of soft skills, hobbies and coaching.

The old adage, "time is money," couldn't be more true in our modern society. We're so busy with our everyday lives that everything nowadays needs to be bite-sized. When was the last time you signed up for a course but couldn't end up attending all sessions? Or wanting to pick up a skill only to postpone it indefinitely? We all need to set aside time for our hobbies / passions and even socializing just to maintain work-life balance. What if you can monetize your hobbies, your passions, and even your pleasure time? Enters ODAZZIT – a platform that allows people globally to monetize their talents / skills as a product, and to experience bite-sized learning as well as opportunities to foster friendships with common hobbies.

​Everyone has a special skill that can be taught and acquired, whether it's baking, beat-boxing, bicycle stunts, cooking, dancing, martial arts, music composition, surfing, tennis, etc. The ODAZZIT platform allows individuals to cultivate new relationships while enjoying common activities together. Imagine you can learn all of aforementioned from real people before spending hundreds of dollars to attend a class. You may even discover some skills that are not offered commercially.

​For talented individuals willing to teach, the ODAZZIT platform becomes their real-time resume to further enhance their credibility through continuous feedback and testimonies. In short, you do not need to invent a product, store inventory, or go out of your way to setup a business for extra income; you simply carry out your passions!
​Time is the currency of your life and only you can determine how it will be spent. If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? You may delay, but time will not... maximize it now at ODAZZIT, Oh That's it!

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