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Depressed? * Are you like most people living with depression who has surrendered to your diagnosis and believe that knowing you have depression is it! The end! ** Most people have looked for understanding and stopped there. You wanted to know why you were feeling so sad, bleek, uninspired, hopeless, lethargic, any or all other feelings associated with depression. You seeked understanding AND STOPPED THERE. *** For many, you were diagnosed and prescribed medication and every few months/years, you up your dosage. For those of you who self diagnosed, you've surrendered. I AM DEPRESSED! and that has become your understanding and that has become your life! **** You feel misunderstood, left behind, still feel hopeless, sad, bleek, uninspired but YOU HAVE UNDERSTANDING of your feelings now. ***** I have news for you. THAT IS NOT THE END!!! ****** But YOU have to CHOOSE! You have to choose to explore other options. You have to choose to WORK on your emotional, mental health!! ******* It isn't easy but it is available and it is possible to live a better life with depression!! If you are in the least bit curious about whether it is possible or not, I encourage you to come out for this 2 hour session with Tim Delgado of Emotional Health Counseling and I to explore this idea, share your thoughts and discover new tools that may open up this possibility for you. *****FREE

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Willow Street Near Cherry · Signal Hill

What we're about

If you've been experiencing grief and loss or your life is transitioning in an emotionally challenging way this group is for you. We know it can be a lonely, dark and uncomfortable place. Grief, loss and transitions can be the most difficult of emotional times and is almost always experienced alone. Our lives are filled with emotionally challenging times and as much as it is an important experience to have in our lives, it is a lonely, lonely road.

This meetup is meant to provide insight, enlightenment and healing as we go through it. This meetup is designed to help understand your grief and other emotionally challenging times and use it as a resource in guiding you to what is next in your lives. This meetup is intended to connect with others going through similar and relatable experiences

These meetups include a variety of different exercises to open doors and discover things you never knew about yourselves. This can be an emotional experience, as there will be many breakthrough moments with the bright light of joy at the end of the experience. This meetup will bring you new life and appreciation for what's to come.

Please be sure to share this with your loved ones who may be experiencing grief, loss, or transitions in their life. Remember, grief, loss, and life transitions come in many forms; death of a loved one or pet, loss of a job, former self, end of a relationship, illness, change in finances or career, injury resulting in no longer playing a sport you once loved, financial loss, & others. These emotions can be subtle or intense and we don't have to experience it alone with no direction.

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