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Are you happy?
Are you grieving a loss?
Are you searching for peace?
Does love or joy often elude you?
Are you in need of emotional healing?
Are you in a difficult season of enduring?
Is happiness fleeting and hard to sustain?

If you have answered YES to any of these, learn the "why" behind it. Counterfeit happiness is fleeting and is the result of in-ego thinking! It is our unaware default mode....until we learn the difference between in-Spirit vs in-ego.

Love, joy, peace, purpose & happiness is there for us all who believe and trust in God and learn to live in-Spirit.

Our life's purpose is revealed to us when we are in-Spirit.

In-Spirit is the voice of God within. Our direct connection to the Divine Power Source.

Ego is who we are apart from God and the sure path to unhappiness.

Everybody has unhappy days, weeks or even seasons, right? Where we are stuck or unsure or trying to make things happen and it just isn't going as fast as we like. Are you in a ‘season of enduring’ like grief or loss?

Being anchored in-Spirit frees us from the circumstances of life robbing us of our love, joy, peace, happiness and contentment. This allows us to be guided by Spirit to a place of certainty of...... "I am exactly where I am supposed to be!"

In-Spirit is the only true path to peace….in the good seasons of our life and….in the trial and tragedies of life.

Come join us to understand the difference of living in-Spirit vs in-Ego.

Each meeting we will have a brief talk on 'in-Spirit vs. in-ego concepts' and an open discussion to follow. Those on the Facebook page and not at the local meeting, not to worry. The meeting talk will be posted on this Facebook page and open discussion to follow.

This group is not restricted to any denomination, all Christians who believe in the Trinity of God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit.

Let's meet up and chat!

From my Spirit to yours,

Mary Catherine

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