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UPDATE: My subscription allows me to create and lead multiple groups, so this one will not be cancelled as previously expected (in order to start a new, more general guitar learning group).

This Meetup group is meant for people who are learning lead, rhythm, or bass guitar via Rocksmith on any platform (PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox, or whatever).

The possibilities for this meetup are wide open. It could serve simply as a chance to talk to other players about the game, share music & hardware knowledge, evolve into players getting together for multiplayer game jams, or even potentially turn into group open mic jams or gigs. Yet to be seen.

I'm personally not quite ready for even a small solo open mic appearance, but wanted to get a head start at meeting others before that comes to pass.

If you're on a PS4, feel free to join my community called "Rocksmith - Tallahassee FL".

Also, any of you with the Discord app (available for iPhones, PCs, and probably Androids and Macs as well) are welcome to join my "RocksmithTallahassee" server for text or voice chat interactions.

Ideas for future Meetup locations:

1. The Warehouse (west Gaines St) on a Wednesday evening, during their open mic event, from 8PM-10/11PM.
2. Starbucks @ Thomasville Rd & Capital Circle NE.
3. Geos (east Mahan) some weekday or weekend evening.
4. Black Dog on a Sunday evening.
5. Finnegan's Wake on a Sunday evening.
6. Other?

Feel free to share your thoughts on any of the above, including other ideas for Meetup locations. At present, this can be done from within the Discord app, or by emailing me via Meetup.com's email facilities.

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Knowledge Sharing via the Discord App

Needs a location

Knowledge Sharing via the Discord App

Needs a location

Knowledge Sharing via the Discord App

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